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Citrix XenApp 5 FULL CBT Nuggets Course & Book

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Posted 04 April 2011 - 12:13 PM

What You'll Learn

    Video 1: Introduction to Citrix XenApp and Citrix Certification|16:45

    Citrix XenApp is a singular improvement to Terminal Services, providing improved management, better network performance, and an improved user experience. But before you can learn about it, you need to understand what it is. You also need to understand where Citrix’s CCA certification lies in the landscape of all Citrix certification. Start out this series on the right foot with an introduction to XenApp, the CCA, and the CBT Nuggets learning style.
    Video 2: Understanding the Citrix Architecture|30:12

    There are a lot of pieces that need to work together to make a Citrix XenApp infrastructure, and to properly run it in your environment you’ll likely be using them all. Before you start any installations, this nugget will introduce you to the components that make up a Citrix architecture.
    Video 3: Installing XenApp|28:22

    One of the first steps in any technology insertion is simply getting it installed to the right servers. XenApp is not a trivial installation, requiring a number of prerequisites prior to inserting its DVD media. This nugget explains what you need and how to install it correctly.
    Video 4: Installing & Configuring Citrix Licensing|21:56

    Once installed, the next step is setting up licensing for your XenApp infrastructure. That process leverages the Citrix Licensing Console and interacting with the MyCitrix website. You’ll need to know how to do both if you’re to properly license your XenApp farm.
    Video 5: Configuring Farm Settings|24:54

    Farm settings are an important first step in setting up your infrastructure, because these settings are shared by every server across your infrastructure. Here you’ll learn what those farm settings are as well as some best practices learned through years of implementations on how to best configure them.
    Video 6: Configuring ICA Session Settings|21:32

    In addition to the farm settings, prior to letting any users access your environment you must setup their settings as well. Here, you’ll learn how to configure the ICA protocol itself for best performance, basic security, and the right level of access for your users.
    Video 7: Understanding & Applying Citrix Policies|17:38

    Like Microsoft’s Group Policy, Citrix has its own set of policies that enforce settings within your infrastructure. These policies don’t, however, work in the same way as Group Policies, and they configure different things. In this nugget you’ll learn how to apply Citrix Policies as well as good pointers on which ones to turn on.
    Video 8: Installing and Configuring the Citrix Client|19:12

    Any user who wants to connect to your Citrix infrastructure is going to need a client installed to their desktop or laptop. But getting those clients installed properly isn’t a trivial activity. You need to know how to install the clients, how to repackage them for silent installation, and how to configure their settings so they’ll install with the right settings.
    Video 9: Tips & Tricks for Installing Applications to XenApp Servers|20:23

    No matter if you’re taking the CCA exam or not, there are some common best practices for getting applications installed to XenApp servers. In this nugget, we’ll stray from the certification focus for just a bit to give you the best pointers on how to get your applications installed to your XenApp servers. This bonus video illuminates some of Greg’s notes from the field, where he shares common tips and tricks for getting apps installed correctly.
    Video 10: Delivering Applications to Users|30:33

    Once installed, the next step with applications is to publish them for your users. That process isn’t difficult, but there are settings you need to be aware of. In this nugget, Greg talks about how to set up delivery of applications to users and the Citrix clients on their desktops.
    Video 11: Understanding Server Load & Load Balancing|30:39

    When you start adding more than one XenApp server to your farm, you’re going to want to load balance your incoming user traffic between them. XenApp includes some very rich capabilities with doing this based on user load, performance metrics, or even location and priority of incoming users. In this nugget you’ll also learn about how and why to separate XenApp servers into zones to service different geographical areas.
    Video 12: XenApp Admins and Delegating Permissions|08:28

    Its likely that you’re not the only administrator in your IT organization. So to balance your own workload, you need to delegate administrative permissions to others. The process in XenApp is easy, and is explained in detail in this short nugget.
    Video 13: Configuring Printing for Citrix Clients|20:11

    Printing in Terminal Services and XenApp has traditionally been a complex process, and one that is definitely highly focused on for the CCA exam. Learn the tips and tricks for getting it right, including when to assign printers and when to use the Universal Print Driver in this comprehensive nugget on remote printing.
    Video 14: Configuring & Using Web Interface|22:53

    Your users have multiple ways in which they can be connected to their applications. One of them is through a customizable web service Citrix calls Web Interface. This nugget explains how to deploy Web Interface as well as how to customize its appearance and features to your organization’s specific needs.
    Video 15: Securing Connections with Secure Gateway|26:40

    Deploying applications over your Intranet is fairly easy. You trust your internal network and the data that passes through it. But deploying applications over the Internet can be more challenging. Whether you want security for internal-only or Internet-facing connections you need to understand the impacts of security. You also need to know how to set it up. This video explains all the details, and gives you good advice on what to do to protect your connections and your internal infrastructure.
    Video 16: Monitoring Farm Health and Configuration|22:08

    Now that you’ve got your farm up and operational, it’s time to monitor it for performance and bad behaviors. Citrix provides some out-of-the-box tools to do just that. In this nugget you’ll learn about tools like Health Monitoring and Recovery and the configuration logging engine that ensure your farm remains in tip-top shape.
    Video 17: Deploying Apps with Installation Manager|11:38

    Installation Manager gets a major facelift in XenApp 5.0, and although not necessarily directly tested on for the CCA, you probably will want to know more about it. This nugget explains how to create installation packages and rapidly deploy them with Installation Manager, making the process of managing your installed applications just that much easier
    Video 18: Deploying Streamed Apps to Users|33:35

    XenApp 5.0 also truly introduces the idea of streamed applications to your Citrix infrastructure. Whereas previous versions were completely defined by applications on XenApp servers alone, with streamed applications you can actually push applications down to clients. You can even create just-in-time installations to XenApp servers as users attempt to connect. This nuggets’ guide to streamed apps goes far beyond what you need to know for the test, preparing you for a whole new way of getting applications to your users.
    Video 19: XenApp Command Line Tools|15:18

    Managing your Citrix infrastructure from the GUI is one thing. Doing so from the command line is quite another. XenApp’s command line tools give you a way to manage your entire infrastructure through scripts and automation, and they expose additional configuration capabilities that simply aren’t available through the GUI consoles. You need to know these tools, so definitely check out this nugget.
    Video 20: Troubleshooting XenApp|13:15

    Lastly, there are some times when your XenApp infrastructure experiences problems. And there are a few known issues that you should just know about. This nugget explains a few that you’ll need to know for the best management of your infrastructure as well as your success on that critical CCA exam.

Hope this helps everybody :-)


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Link no longer valid?  Get "The file link that you requested is not valid." after waiting to download.

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Yes, me too. Here is the error message "The file link that you requested is not valid."

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I am able to download the file from 4shared.com..

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