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Install SQL server 2000 standard edition

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Posted 10 August 2009 - 02:39 PM

Insert your SQL server 2000 standard edition cd (or download the ISO from MSDN) and mount it via daemon tools or similar, and click on SQL Server 2000 Components

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choose the first option which is to install a database server

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if you get a warning about the version of SQL you are using, make a note of what it says (we'll come back to that later)

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SQL Server 2000


Issue Description:

SQL Server 2000 sp2 and below is not supported by this version of Windows. Please apply sp3 after installation of SQL Server 2000.

Click on continue and then next at the welcome wizard

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choose local computer as we are installing SQL server on this server...

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stick with the defaults and go with 'create a new instance of SQL server'

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edit the details if appropriate

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click yes to accept the license

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accept the default of server and client tools and click next

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next we get to choose the instance name of the SQL server, let's leave it as default and click next.

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when prompted for setup type, leave it as typical and click next

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enter the password for your administrator account as we are going to use the domain user account

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we leave the authentication mode as default

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and then we watch as it starts to copy files

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now you enter your licensing options..... in this example i chose 1000, you can click on help to find out more about your options.

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and then it goes off and installs SQL server

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after a while it's all done

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Install SP3

so now we have to install SP3 that it mentioned earlier.. so let's http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details.aspx?familyid=90dcd52c-0488-4e46-afbf-acace5369fa3&displaylang=en
download it

I chose sql2ksp3.exe from the list of 3 available options and once done, ran it, the file asked me where to install and i chose the default C:sql2ksp3

once done, navigate to the folder and run setup.bat

you should see the Service pack 3 wizard

Attached File  18post-1-1203547024.jpg   23.91K   25 downloads

click next and yes  to the license agreement

Attached File  19post-1-1203547093.jpg   52.97K   25 downloads

accept the defaults and click next for the instance name which we setup earlier

Attached File  20post-1-1203547171.jpg   32.7K   25 downloads

choose Windows Authentication on the next screen

Attached File  21post-1-1203623354.jpg   28.64K   25 downloads

accept the default security optionand when prompted for SA Password warning enter a password

Attached File  22post-1-1203547314.jpg   24.97K   25 downloads

select the upgrade microsoft search option and click continue

Attached File  23post-1-1203547474.jpg   42.92K   25 downloads

choose your error reporting option and click ok to get things done.

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and then its ready to begin copying files for the sp3 upgrade

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Posted 10 August 2009 - 02:41 PM

you will eventually be informed that its time to backup your databases, but seeing as we didn't create any yet, there's no need.

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that's it, you've now installed SQL server 2000 and the required Service pack 3

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a reboot at this point would be a nice idea to see your SQL server running in the system tray ;-)

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Service pack 4 is available so please http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details.aspx?FamilyID=8e2dfc8d-c20e-4446-99a9-b7f0213f8bc5

download it and install it

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