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Google unveils surprise restructuring under Alp... -----

Aug 11 2015 11:02 AM | devil soul in IT News

Google has unveiled a surprise restructuring, creating a new parent company called Alphabet Inc. Under the rebranding, Google will retain its best-known businesses, such as search, apps, YouTube and Android. Some of the newer entities, such as the inve...   Read story →

HTC phone stored unencrypted fingerprints -----

Aug 11 2015 11:01 AM | devil soul in IT News

Security researchers have identified a way to access unencrypted fingerprint data on an HTC smartphone. Four experts from security company FireEye found the HTC One Max stored fingerprint data in an image file that was simple to decode. A growing numbe...   Read story →

Child abuse tool gets UK government data access -----

Aug 11 2015 10:59 AM | devil soul in IT News

By Zoe Kleinman Technology reporter, BBC News For the first time, the UK government is sharing its own database of child abuse images with net charity the Internet Watch Foundation (IWF). Each image has been given a unique "hash" number, which...   Read story →

‘I’m a professional cyberstalker' -----

Aug 11 2015 10:59 AM | devil soul in IT News

Dave Lee North America technology reporter <p> comments Ken Westin uses advanced techniques to track down suspected thieves "Stupidity is the best vulnerability. That and greed." Ken Westin openly, and enthusiastically, calls himself a...   Read story →

Netzpolitik: German treason inquiry dropped ami... -----

Aug 11 2015 09:41 AM | devil soul in IT News

Germany's chief federal prosecutor has dropped an investigation into two journalists at the Netzpolitik website suspected of revealing state secrets. The case sparked a huge political row about freedom of speech. Last week the Justice Minister, Hei...   Read story →

Web's random numbers are too weak, research... -----

Aug 11 2015 09:40 AM | devil soul in IT News

By Mark Ward Technology correspondent, BBC News in Las Vegas The data scrambling systems used by millions of web servers could be much weaker than they ought to be, say researchers. A study found shortcomings in the generation of the random numbers use...   Read story →

'Biggest update ever' to fix Android flaw -----

Aug 11 2015 09:39 AM | devil soul in IT News

By Chris Foxx Technology reporter Samsung, LG and Google have pledged to provide monthly security updates for smartphones running the Android operating system. In July, a major bug was discovered in the software that could let hijackers access data on...   Read story →

Stolen webcam footage 'not policed' -----

Aug 11 2015 09:36 AM | devil soul in IT News

Google asked to police stolen webcam videos on YouTube By Mark Ward Technology correspondent, Las Vegas YouTube should do more to police and remove video clips made using hijacked webcams, say digital campaigners. In a report released at the Black Ha...   Read story →

You can now send self-destructing emails throug... -----

Jul 26 2015 12:04 PM | devil soul in IT News

Screengrab of the Dmail website. If you are sending an email that contains sensitive information like bank account details or credit card numbers, or if you are worried about your emails becoming part of a large-scale email hack, a new Chrome extens...   Read story →

Fiat Chrysler recalls 1.4 million cars after Je... -----

Jul 26 2015 12:01 PM | devil soul in IT News

Fiat Chrysler has issued a safety recall affecting 1.4m vehicles in the US, after security researchers showed that one of its cars could be hacked. On Tuesday, tech magazine Wired reported that hackers had taken control of a Jeep Cherokee via its inte...   Read story →




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