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This single text message will crash your iPhone


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A single text message could cause your iPhone to completely freeze and crash. SCREENGRAB: EVERYTHINGAPPLEPRO

A single text message could cause your iPhone to completely freeze and crash.

YouTube user EverythingApplePro claims to have discovered a glitch in Apple iOS that can be exploited to freeze an iPhone. He recently uploaded a video on his channel showing how an iPhone can be crashed by sending a text message that is based on a “rainbow flag emoji”.

The trick works by sending a text message in an attempt to exploit a bug in iOS which fails to recognise a three-layer rainbow emoji and therefore causes the device to freeze. However, this also applies to the device the message is sent from which is why users cannot simply copy paste the text and send it to others.

This five-second video will crash your iPhone

The video goes on to highlight two methods that can be used to send the menacing text message. The first method requires a computer to upload the text into Notes using iCloud which can then be sent through a text message to the phone you want to freeze. However. this method has its limitations as it only works on devices running iOS 10.1.1 or lower.

The second method uses a large number of emojis to overwhelm the device and is delivered using a contact detachment. This method is a lot easier than the first one and works on devices running on iOS 10 and above. What’s more interesting is that the contact detachment can also be sent using an Android device.

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Once the text message is sent it causes the victim’s device to become completely unresponsive and will only function properly after a master reset in initiated.

This isn’t the first time Apple’s mobile operating software has suffered from such a glitch. A similar bug was also highlighted by EverythingApplePro earlier that could freeze an iPhone by sending a short three second video.

Apple is expected to release a patch for the glitch soon though the Cupertino giant hasn’t released an official statement regarding the matter.






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