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  2. ICS - SCADA Network Security Monitoring (NSM) [hide][Hidden Content]]
  3. Hi, with the 155q file was enough taking in mind the corrections
  4. Complete OSPF for Juniper JNCIS JNCIP [hide][Hidden Content]]
  5. Honestly if i had one i would have gone for exam and shared here. Dump sites showing now 65 questions instead of 60 questions, it means 5 new questions added to pool.
  6. I can see the videos at [Hidden Content] however am not able to get them if anyone has a way to get them ?
  7. Today
  8. Hello Guys, Can anyone please share the "IS-IS: Deployment in IP Networks" by Russ White & Alvaro Retana PDF?
  9. Hi, I am having issues hence why I have removed the torrent link from the first post. For some reason, the torrent seeds but no connections. I am investigating and will post a new magnet shortly
  10. panterarossa


    Hello mates... Regarding Question#57 from @Thegolive questions... A BA classifier, input policer, and a multifield classifier are applied to an interface in wihich order are these features precessed? a - policer -> BA -> multifield --> this is the chosen b - BA -> multifield -> policer --> I tink this is the right because Junper first apply classification and after policing... c - multifield -> BA - policer d - policer -> multifield -> BA What do you think? Thanks in advance.
  11. where is this written as i found only the donate button?
  12. Well done on passing, did you get all quesions from this dump or did you prepare from other files too?
  13. Agile Software Testing - Techniques and Tools [hide][Hidden Content]]
  14. Here is the link again: [hide][Hidden Content]] Expires in one week. Good luck!
  15. Guys I couldnt find this book. Do anyone have a pdf of this book?
  16. Here are my dumps & I can guarantee that dumps from digitaltut are accurate: [hide][Hidden Content]] Ps: It is a big confusion but if you did all the dumps, each one time, I think that will be enough to pass. Good luck!
  17. They offer 10 free seats for offline accounts. If you want more you have to pay an affordable price for additional seats. This is one incoming source. Another I think is donation.
  18. Hi all, I'm taking the exam on Tuesday, has any one the latest dumps? Or if anything new beside the dumps tjat are posted here?
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