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  2. Could you provide those courses in an archive format also? Some have too many files.
  3. Does anyone have the dump for me please.
  4. for some reason I cannot sent PM, try to PM ncinta.
  5. Encontraste el Ex-Sim? tambien estoy buscando para poder repasar
  6. A Website where you'll get exclusive courses for free. The site is updated everyday as confirmed by my friend(owner of this site). You can watch courses or download them as per your convenience. You can request courses on Telegram because this is my last post on this forum. Bot Username: @ud3my_bot Updates will be available in [Hidden Content] Site Link: [Hidden Content] His Message This website is freely available to you. If someone took money from you, you have been scammed buddy. I @stilln00b has started this website and currently working alone on this project. This project wouldn't be possible without @Roobbin, @nekhs, @Mr_Beanss, @rocketpants and @kagnitesh. And the awesome design by Parveen Bhadoo (sadly has some bugs to fix yet). The website will be constantly updated with good content and not some kind of garbage stuff. I have tried to organize the content in the best way possible. So, it may not create a mess and you find it easier to navigate throughout the website. Enjoy Studying!! Peace Happy Learning!!
  7. It seems that you have some kind of beef with the guy at Corelan, did he fu*k your girlfriend or something ?
  8. Hello guys I passed 350-401 today, i see approximately 40% of question from dump that is shared in thread. Cisco has new questions in base. i share that i remember: 1.What is the correct json syntax? 2. As a network enginner You observe bgp error packets in wireshark tool. Which type messages you will see in router local DB? 3. How is it possible to make sw1 not to present in stp election? 4. ACL: host should be connected to FTP server. 5. Difference betweenn type1 and type2 hypervisor.-drag drop. 6. Difference VRF lite and VRF? 7. Agent-based and agentless automation tool.-Puppet,Chef,Ansible.saltalk. 8.ospf and eigrp-drag drop. 9. and the reason is gre tunnel down from wireshark capture i need ENARSi study guide pls share if you have
  9. Today
  10. Can you guys be so kind to re-upload both L2 and L3 INE courses on Multicast? They both were in HD but I can't find working links. The teacher was Keith Bogart.
  11. Would you please add Panaroma 9 or 10.
  12. Alternative torrent link with active seeder [Hidden Content]
  13. when are you taking the exam? I will be sharing the exam with people who commits to provide answers, since these Qs will be valid for at least a month and AWS will change topics
  14. Just found out recently, that they offered it for free for a while. Anyone has it?
  15. Glad to hear that you made it out. Any chance you would be able to those 06 new questions? As per comments above we can expect new questions soon.
  16. Hi All, Please advice any leads for JNCIP-SP [JN0-663] Thanks
  17. Hi Kaka, thanks for the questions, Some of the drag and drop answers are different then in explanation, which one I should consider
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