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  2. anybody has it? some user once said he's uploading it and forgot to notify us that he finished(or still uploading lol). seriously, if you have it - please share it. a lot of people can learn from this. thank you very much
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  4. KSS sounds like a pretty good option as starters. Normal fonts, arial, sans, or other base system font. Making source code available sounds obvious as well, what I don't get is why do you have to compile a pdf file in the first place? Why don't you just write your stuff and "save as pdf" so you can share it with people, if that's your thing? Already sounds like social engineering. You can do that with any document handler these days. Anyhow, thanks wizard
  5. Does anyone could share the video courses of AWS Certified Developer - Associate (DVA-C01)
  6. thank you very much @drunkmonk, do you have more from cloud guru?
  7. Hallo samooel, can you share the latest 300-410 dumps with me? Thanks
  8. Anyone with latest dumps for 300-410? Please share Thanks
  9. Valid dumps Aug 2020 PCNSA [hide][Hidden Content]]
  10. Hi , Use below link [hide][Hidden Content]]
  11. Hello Guys, Hope you're doing very well , could you please share this course if you do have it. Thanks in advance. [Hidden Content]
  12. Dear Members; Can anyone kindly provide GIAC Python Coder course with complete material? Waiting eagerly for your kind replies.
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