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  2. Alternative torrent link with active seeder [Hidden Content]
  3. when are you taking the exam? I will be sharing the exam with people who commits to provide answers, since these Qs will be valid for at least a month and AWS will change topics
  4. Just found out recently, that they offered it for free for a while. Anyone has it?
  5. Today
  6. Glad to hear that you made it out. Any chance you would be able to those 06 new questions? As per comments above we can expect new questions soon.
  7. Hi All, Please advice any leads for JNCIP-SP [JN0-663] Thanks
  8. Hi Kaka, thanks for the questions, Some of the drag and drop answers are different then in explanation, which one I should consider
  9. Hi Kakka, I read your question and i think it's very helpful. If you don't mind, Can you share for me?
  10. Passed today, the dump is valid
  11. you can parcel site to get pdf files, also you can record videos you can use GeForce Experience.
  12. Yes, 6 new questions. Most of them are the same questions that have been discussed by the folks who attempted before me.
  13. which course did you request? didn't understand? and thanks for upping courses johnas. can you up exploitation or fuzzing courses? thx
  14. Eventually I realized that csr1000v is a bit picky on the SDWAN config side interface Tunnel1 no shutdown ip unnumbered GigabitEthernet1 tunnel source GigabitEthernet1 tunnel mode sdwan sdwan interface GigabitEthernet1 tunnel-interface encapsulation ipsec commit I insisted in committing before going up to the right level in the shell. It was not an issue of 16.12.4 and eventually I found Version 17.03.02. Cheers, Gio
  15. Hello bro, no mistake at all, it's a great share and I really need the tutorials,, I was waiting for many of the files that you have uploaded. I tried to purchase mega Pro Lite 1 , but failed as there is no option to pay via paypal and my cards were rejected by the mega. Hence, a request, if there is anybody who downloaded the files please share it via torrent. Anyway, thanks again to all those who contributed to the great share and putting all the effort to upload .
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