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Network Issue

Posted by sureshkonal , 02 December 2011 · 3,475 views

Hi Friends, morning.

plz help me the best solutions in my problem.

in my company we are using total 2mbps dedicated leased line with 2 diffrent isp's, here am using cyberoam full secured firewall router, our total network cat6(1000mpbs-speed). Total close to 30 peoples are using this 2mpbs leased line, every pc installed licenced antivirus, and most of the sites like downloeds torrets, porn sites, all related downloaded blocked, and also i checked manual every desk cable connectivity with using cable tester and re-crimped if the cable signal week.

i hav done all above thinkgs, but still my problem is while browsing internet getting very very slow and while people connected secured vpn's getting disconnected. even i check with the isp's also they given graphs for using our dedicated lines.

plz tell me the solution and also plz suggest me to monitor total network include infrastructure scanning software and genarate logs if any defects on network connectivties,

In ISP given graph to check our bandwidth also its showing good bandhwith,

plz help me guys
suresh (n/w admin

Dec 26 2011 08:48 PM
1. Do you have any QoS deployed on your network so that critical data does not suffer? If not, you might need to look into a better way to prioritize your traffic. ..that way important data traffic does not have to compete with say ftp traffic.

2. Do you have any network analyzer setup to identify what type of traffic is transversing your network? -  you can setup something like netflow to capture traffic for analysis.

3. Also make sure you have a well setup layer2 network with L2 traffic control/management...

good luck

Dec 27 2011 09:22 PM
Check DNS settings, check IP gateway settings...  Is issue only related to external connections like http or is it also slow within connection to/from internal LAN.  Run a pathping from an internal host out to a website or external IP( or  See where the latency is being caused by.  Is the issue all the time or during peak hours?  Most ISP can also provide a network utlization report.  30 users on a 2 meg is borderline maxed out these days.
check that your cyberoam is register or not.... if not then register your device.........

i had the same issue and in my scenario ISP done alot i spent almost 1 month but at the end i ask the vendor, first question they asked was did you register your firewall....... i said no... just after few second registering my firewall my internet started working normal and everything came to normal.....


You have 30 people using a 2mb line and you wonder why its slow? a standard $60 cable modem line is a 10/2 mb. Your isps are ripping you off.

So I generally trouble shoot one hop at a time usually with a laptop and a little 1gb switch/router. Start at the wall, plug into your 2mb line setup to connect and run speed test. Got 2 mb? its not your isp. Test the other link.

Plug in some local boxes on the swich side, are they getting 2mb? They probably are and that brings us to the cyberroam and or vpn.

Vpn eats a lot of bandwidth and fancy crap like cyberoam is a snap to misconfigure. Did you register it? Having 2 seperate isp's sounds good on paper, but for 30 people? you'd be way better off getting a bigger pipe and simplifying your life.

Personally I would turn everything off except basic firewall and then get my vpn setup and load balenced. Then I would just turn on essential features and retest the vpn. Depending on what people do with the vpn you could get as few as 1 or 2 active vpn links per 2 mb line so slap down any one who doesn't really need it. Also HW/HW vpn vs SW/HW vpn vs SW/SW makes a dif.

But get a bigger pipe. I guarantee that those 2 isps are running over the exact same fiber. You aren't really getting any redundancy.

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