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My Journey to Cisco

Posted by HackrThon , 12 November 2013 · 12,831 views

I would like to share my on going journey to cisco. This blog is for those people out there who are planning to make a big leap in their career.

Currently, I am and MCT, MCITP in various categories, MCSE, MCSA, MCTS, MCDST, MCP, ITIL-F and Network+

I am a Senior Infra Consultant in my company I am working, more on specializing in Microsoft Infrastructure.

I started my cisco career early this 4th quarter, and started to watch CBT's and read some books.

Though its hard and rough for me, because my company doesn't support Cisco technology, and yet I am against the tide.

I was planning to take CCENT - CCNA - CCNP (i was thinking, security or voice), I did this steps, due to some delays on my time. I can only dedicate 2 - 3 hours a day to study.

I already scheduled my exam last day of the month, and hopefully I can make it..

One last topic I need to study is OSPF right now and hopefully before I reach my deadline I already grasp and understand the topic.

I'll be updating this blog from time to time. I hope some of you be inspired and communicate through this blog.

Lets help each other and exchange information.

I already took the Exam... And I did it. c"_,) I passed the exam..
One thing I've learned.. Never rely on dumps.. Be sure that you understand the technology.

The tools I used for passing the exam... CBT's Practice using Packet tracer, Mini-Nugget on Youtube.. And read books..

Next target CCNA.. Still thinking which path... voice, security or r&s...

And importantly pray before you start the exam.
thanks kimbushero for sharing. your entry adds to my inspiration to become a ccna or a more advanced techy someday. hope you can keep on posting more blogs and shares to also inspire other it professionals. so your resources are CBT nuggets, mini-nuggets, and books. may i know the titles of books and authors? or can u share a link if you have? i hope i could get my ccna b4 this year ends. thanks so much. and your last tip, praying? That's the one I will never forget. thanks ^_^

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