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Welcome certDude865c as our new SM.

Posted by Glavin in Staff Team Blog, 26 November 2018 - * * * * * · 1,113 views

We are proud to announce that our honorary member certDude865c has been promoted to Super Moderator rank for his excellent forum moderation work and for his continuous efforts towards this forum.

Welcome to the team.



Posted by MSSK in MSSK's Blog, 14 January 2014 - * * * * * · 22,374 views

MPLS L3VPN with PPPoE In this example we will configure MPLS L3VPN between two sites but, one of the CEs is connected via normal Ethernet connection and the other one is connected via PPPoE
OSPF will be the PE-CE routing protocol and ISIS level-2 will be the operating IGP inside the MPLS backbone, area 49.0001 is in use
MPLS backbone will be located in AS...


My Journey to Cisco

Posted by HackrThon in kimbushero's Blog, 12 November 2013 - - - - - - · 12,911 views

I would like to share my on going journey to cisco. This blog is for those people out there who are planning to make a big leap in their career.

Currently, I am and MCT, MCITP in various categories, MCSE, MCSA, MCTS, MCDST, MCP, ITIL-F and Network+

I am a Senior Infra Consultant in my company I am working, more on specializing in Microsoft...


Spanning Tree - Backbone Fast

Posted by markmark1983 in markmark1983 Blog, 16 August 2013 - - - - - - · 3,140 views

Cuurently login on a switch with a BLK port.

Interface Role Sts Cost   Prio.Nbr Type
---------------- ---- --- --------- -------- --------------------------------
Fa0/12    Desg FWD 19 128.14   Edge P2p
Fa0/15    Root FWD 19 128.17   P2p
Fa0/18    Altn BLK 19 128.20   P2p

Assuming the upstream switch where the BLK port is connected, has lost its...


CCIE R&S Troubleshooting

Posted by omagico in omagico's Blog, 13 September 2012 - - - - - - · 5,098 views

I've been focusing on the BGP troubleshooting portion of the lab and the 2 diagrams that I had of the topology were difficult to decipher.  So I took the best of both of them and created a new drawing.


Let me know your...


GNS3 save feature.

Posted by Troubleshooter1 in Troubleshooter1's Blog, 18 May 2012 - - - - - - · 3,791 views

Hello All

How are you?

I make topology on GNS3 but i face the problem that they are not saved, given that i determine the name of the file and i tick the SAVE NVRAMS AND OTHER DISK FILES and the EXPERT ROUTER CONFIGURATION FILES, at the start of the GNS3. And i save the file from file then save.

When i try to refer to those topology next times by...


Installing Nagios on RHEL 5

Posted by konstantine in All About Linux , 20 March 2012 - - - - - - · 3,422 views

Hey Fellas,

Here is and add-on Tutorial On How-To add hosts to nagios server.

To start , In the remote host add nagios user :

/usr/sbin/useradd nagios passwd nagios
We need two packages .

Nagios-plugin and Nrpe (download the latst version from the nagios web site)

Compile and install the plugins....


New Pattern for CCIE R&S Written

Posted by vivektech2003 in vivektech2003's Blog, 19 March 2012 - - - - - - · 3,954 views

Does anyone has information about New Pattern for CCIE R&S Written?
Please share


eigrp routing issues

Posted by mtariqali in mtariqali's Blog, 20 February 2012 - - - - - - · 4,170 views

Can any1 help me regarding missing routes in eigrp. currently i am running the eigrp between branch and HO. issue is that some time all branches route at HO will disappear from routing table but branches still getting the routes of HO. then i clear all eigrp neighbours at HO then again branches routes appear in routing table. i am unable to understand the...


K6 Netflow

Posted by ciscoabby in ciscoabby's Blog, 22 January 2012 - * - - - - · 3,395 views

Can  anyone help with my doubts for the below solution..

4.3 IPv6 Netflow
? Configure IPv6 Netflow on R5 F0/0.
? Source should be VLAN 55.
? Export all data to
? Use UDP port 9992 for exporting.
? Netflow export data should be summarized.

ipv6 flow-aggregation cache protocol-port
export version 9
export destination


My first blog post

Posted by nileshghandi in CCIE Blog, 20 January 2012 - - - - - - · 3,514 views


Testing what in particular ? Regards. Harry817


CCIE RnS Lab Strategies

Posted by asasel in asasel's Blog, 06 December 2011 - - - - - - · 6,168 views


Looking at the many CCIE vendors out there I find the netmasterclass method
of approaching the lab most closely resembles how I see it.

phase 0
Check your ip addressing and netmask and correct any error.

phase 1
Next check/build your layer 2 such to ensure that devices which must have direct
connectivity can indeed ping each...


Network Issue

Posted by sureshkonal in Network Issues, 02 December 2011 - - - - - - · 3,515 views

Hi Friends, morning.

plz help me the best solutions in my problem.

in my company we are using total 2mbps dedicated leased line with 2 diffrent isp's, here am using cyberoam full secured firewall router, our total network cat6(1000mpbs-speed). Total close to 30 peoples are using this 2mpbs leased line, every pc installed licenced antivirus,...


Differences between Theory & Practicability

Posted by kashif amir in Network Administrator Blog, 25 November 2011 - * * * * * · 3,048 views

Hi Friends !

It has been a while now that I shared something on this forum so now it is the right time to do it.

When you achieve your CCNA, go through a series of interviews and join your new job, Surprisingly what you see in production is a total different perspective of what you see when you prepared for your certification (even if you have some...


Pass4sure CCIE R&S 350-001 – v4.13 / 205Qs required

Posted by smimranali in Saint's Blog, 15 November 2011 - - - - - - · 4,367 views

hi, I'm looking for the latest Pass4sure CCIE R&S 350-001 – v4.13 / 205Qs
can anyone provide this version


Cisco 642-627 IPSv7.0

Posted by BeeJay in BeeJay's Blog, 18 October 2011 - - - - - - · 3,336 views

Has any one written or passed Cisco 642-627 IPSv7.0 exam. I need the materials and dumps to write the exam.


IBM 000-004 exam

Posted by Shirazj in Shirazj, 15 October 2011 - - - - - - · 3,054 views


Does anyone have the IBM 000-004 exam (latest)?



VCP test question - Please help

Posted by diptip in Question help, 10 October 2011 - - - - - - · 3,391 views


Please can you help with answering the question below:

An administrator is performing maintenance on a storage array used by a DRS Cluster. The administrator wants to disable alarm actions for the cluster while the maintenance is taking place.
What procedure will accomplish this task?

A. Go to the alarms tab for the datacenter containing DRS...


imapct of auto summary on redistribution & network command in BGP

Posted by murtazaali123 in murtazaali123's Blog, 07 October 2011 - - - - - - · 2,876 views

Can some1 plz explain it in detail. I went through CCIE exam cert guide,  but could get it much.


More Labbing

Posted by Seeker in Seeker's Blog, 04 October 2011 - - - - - - · 2,641 views


another week gone by, more bizarre problems. This time I attempted CCIECERT Lab 1. Got through the dialplan with minor bumps, but got stuck at MOH and Conference Bridge.

MOH would work for the remote sites, streamed via local router's flash
MOH would not work in the HQ site, streamed Unicast.

The hardware conference bridge would not work at...

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