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71 Cmdlets use IIS7 from Powershell

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Posted 09 September 2011 - 05:53 PM


I meet with Cmdlets to IIS7 that contains within it suite the following Cmdlets:
  • Add-WebConfiguration: AD DS an collection element to an IIS configuration collection.

  • Backup-WebConfiguration: Creates a backup of an IIS configuration.

  • Clear-WebConfiguration: Removes configuration settings from the configuration location specified.

  • Get-WebConfiguration: Gets an IIS configuration element at the specified path.

  • Restore-WebConfiguration: Restores an IIS configuration backup

  • Select-WebConfiguration: Returns Web configuration objects.

  • Set-WebConfiguration: Sets the value of an IIS configuration setting to the value specified in the command.

  • Add-WebConfigurationLock: Locks setting an IIS configuration section or element

  • Get-WebConfigurationLock: Gets the locking status of the specified IIS configuration location.

  • Remove-WebConfigurationLock: Removes a lock on configuration settings.

  • Add-WebConfigurationProperty: AD DS a property to an IIS configuration section.

  • Get-WebConfigurationProperty: Gets an IIS configuration property at the specified path.

  • Remove-WebConfigurationProperty: Removes an IIS configuration property.

  • Set-WebConfigurationProperty: Sets the value of an IIS configuration setting to the value specified in the command.

  • Begin-WebCommitDelay: Instructs the IIS configuration system to delay the commitment of changes.

  • End-WebCommitDelay: Instructs the IIS configuration system to resume the commitment of changes.

  • Clear-Clears the Request WebRequestTracingSettings: Tracing configuration from the specified Web site.

  • ConvertTo-WebApplication: Converts an IIS virtual directory to an IIS Web application.

  • Get-WebApplication: Gets the Web Applications associated with a specific site or with the name specified.

  • New-Creates a new IIS WebApplication: Web Application.

  • Remove-Removes an IIS WebApplication: Web Application.

  • Disable-Disables WebGlobalModule: an IIS module.

  • L-WebGlobalModule: Enables an IIS module.

  • Get-WebGlobalModule Gets modules configured in IIS:.

  • New-WebGlobalModule: Creates a new IIS module.

  • Remove-WebGlobalModule: Removes an IIS module.

  • Set-WebGlobalModule: Configures an IIS module.

  • Disable-Disables Tracing Request WebRequestTracing:

  • L-WebRequestTracing: Enables the Request Tracing feature.

  • Get-WebAppDomain: Gets the Application Domains in which the specified IIS worker process is running.

  • Get-WebAppPoolState: Gets the Run-Time state of an IIS application pool.

  • New-WebAppPool: Creates a new IIS application pool.

  • Remove-WebAppPool: Removes an IIS application pool.

  • Restart-WebAppPool: Recycles an application pool.

  • Start-WebAppPool: Starts an application pool.

  • Stop-WebAppPool: Stops an application pool.

  • Get-WebBinding: Gets the bindings on the specified IIS site.

  • New-WebBinding AD DS: a new Web site binding to an existing Web site.

  • Remove-WebBinding: Removes a binding from an IIS Web site.

  • Set-WebBinding: Changes a property of an IIS site binding.

  • Get-WebConfigurationBackup: Gets a list of available IIS configuration are those.

  • Remove-WebConfigurationBackup: Removes an available IIS confguration backup.

  • Get-WebConfigurationLocation: Gets the location of a specified configuration setting.

  • Remove-WebConfigurationLocation: Removes an IIS configuration location.

  • Rename-WebConfigurationLocation: Renames a configuration location.

  • Get-WebFilePath: Gets the physical path to the specified IIS module location.

  • Get-WebHandler: IIS Request Handlers Gets.

  • New-Creates a new IIS WebHandler: Request Handler configuration entry.

  • Remove-Removes and IIS Request WebHandler: Handler

  • Set-WebHandler: Configures an IIS Request Handler.

  • Get-WebItemState: Gets the run-time state of a site or an application pool.

  • Get-WebManagedModule: Gets the managed modules that are configured for a particular application.

  • New-WebManagedModule: AD DS managed a new module to the IIS request pipeline.

  • Remove-WebManagedModule: Removes an IIS managed module.

  • Set-WebManagedModule: Configures an IIS managed module.

  • Get-WebRequest: Shows IIS requests that are currently being executed.

  • Get-Website: Gets an IIS Web site.

  • New-Website: Creates a new IIS Web site.

  • Remove-Website: Removes an IIS Web site

  • Start-Website: Starts an IIS Web site.

  • Stop-Website: Stops the specified Web site.

  • Get-WebsiteState: Gets the state of an IIS Web site

  • Get-WebURL Issues: a simple Web request for the specified IIS module location.

  • Get-WebVirtualDirectory: Gets an IIS virtual directory.

  • New-WebVirtualDirectory: Creates a new IIS virtual directory.

  • Remove-WebVirtualDirectory: Removes an IIS virtual directory.

  • New-WebFtpSite: Create a new FTP7 Site

  • Restart-WebItem: Restarts an application pool or a Web site.

  • Start-WebItem: Starts an application pool or a site.

  • Stop-WebItem: Stops an application pool or a site.

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