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#1 latinmusic74



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Posted 13 April 2009 - 10:32 PM

Does someone have a the good websites to search for IT Jobs in USA.


#2 adamsma73


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Posted 14 April 2009 - 01:02 PM

Dice.com or in some places computerjobs.com
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#3 Sylar


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Posted 14 April 2009 - 01:06 PM

good topic .... i would request every one to post some of the job websites here and at one stage we can edit and post it as whole .. any ways good question and reply as well

iam making this sticky .. so please contribute its for our own good

#4 DarXide


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Posted 14 April 2009 - 01:33 PM

Check these bro:

I hope this will help : )


#5 static


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Posted 14 April 2009 - 03:17 PM

My two cents is a cisco job portal :D


Quick job search for


Check here



Just sign up and realize the benefits that you receive, you can make a portfolio with cisco systems and employers will be more prone to come check you out there.

Why Join?

Discover and plan new career opportunities

Access thousands of job postings

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View up-to-date relevant company information



#2 is not only for the US...... its world wide :D

Direct link.....just choose your area.

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#6 adamsma73


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Posted 14 April 2009 - 07:48 PM

Here is an old list of job search websites around the world.  Not sure if they all still around.


African Development Bank http://www.afdb.org/ 
Africa Online http://www.africaonline.com/ 
Career Junction http://www.careerjunction.co.za/ 
Careers.Org - South Africa http://www.careers.org/reg/cint-safrica.html Find a Job in Africa http://www.findajobinafrica.com/ 
I-Africa Careers http://careers.iafrica.com/ 
Job Navigator http://www.jobs.co.za/ 

Adecco Asia http://www.adecco-asia.com/ 
Asia Business Daily http://www.asiabusinessdaily.com/ 
Asia Employment Centre http://jobs.asiaco.com/jobbank/ 
Asia Inc Online http://www.asia-inc.com/ 
Asia Job Search Resources http://www.escapeartist.com/jobs7/asia.htm Asia Net http://www.asia-net.com/ 
Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation http://www.apec.org/ 
Asia Partnership http://www.asiapartnership.com/ 
Asia Times http://www.asiatimes.com/ 
Asian Development Bank http://www.adb.org/ 
Asiaweek http://www.asiaweek.com/asiaweek// 
Careerbuilder.com http://www.careerbuilder.com/ 
Far Eastern Economic Review http://www.feer.com/ 
J-Hunter http://www.j-hunter.com/ 
Job Asia http://www.jobasia.com/ 
Job Culture http://www.jobculture.com/ 
Job Street Australasia http://www.jobstreet.com/ 
Jobs Database http://www.jobsdb.com/ 
Recruit Asia http://www.recruitasia.com/ 
Wang & Li Asia Resource Online http://www.wang-li.com 

Austrade http://www.austrade.gov.au/ 
Australian Business Limited http://www.australianbusiness.com.au/ Australian Federal Government http://www.fed.gov.au/ 
Australian Financial Review http://afr.com/ 
Australian Job Search http://www.jobsearch.gov.au/ 
Australian Stock Exchange http://www.asx.com.au/ 
Australian Universities http://www.avcc.edu.au/ 
Career Guide http://www.yourcareerguide.com/ 
Career One http://www.careerone.com.au/ 
CPA Australia http://www.cpaaustralia.com.au/ 
Dep't of Foreign Affairs & Trade http://www.dfat.gov.au/ 
Fairfax Classifieds http://www.market.fairfax.com.au/ 
Gradlink http://www.gradlink.com.au/ 
Graduate Opportunities http://www.graduateopportunities.com/ 
Institute of Chartered Accountants http://www.icaa.org.au/ 
Job Watch http://home.vicnet.net.au/ Monster http://www.monster.com.au/ 
My Career http://www.mycareer.com.au/editorial/graduate/ 
My Future http://www.myfuture.edu.au/ 
SEEK http://www.seek.com.au/ 
SEEK Campus http://campus.seek.com.au/ 
The Age http://www.theage.com.au/ 
The Australian http://www.theaustralian.com.au/ 
Victorian Government http://www.vic.gov.au/ 
Visa Requirements http://www.immi.gov.au/ 
WageNet http://www.wagenet.gov.au 

Adecco Austria (German) http://www.adecco.at/ 
Hill Woltron Recruitment (German) http://www.hill-woltron.com/ 
Job Direct (German) http://www.job-direct.co.at/ 
Job Pilot Austria (German) http://www.jobpilot.at/ 
Jobnet Austria (German) http://jobnet.uibk.ac.at/ 
Manpower Austria (German) http://www.manpower.at/ 
Trenkwalder http://www.trenkwalder.at/ 

Bangladesh Internet Resources http://www.bdcenter.com/ 
The Independent Bangladesh http://independent-bangladesh.com/ 

Belgian job directory (Dutch) http://www.info123.be/ 
[email protected] (Dutch) http://www.jobat.be/ 
Jobs and Careers Belgium http://www.jobs-career.be/ 
Jobs today http://www.jobstoday.be/ 
Vacature (Dutch & French) http://www.vacature.be/ 
VDAB http://www.vdab.be/ 

Brunei Government Site http://www.brunei.gov.bn/ 
Brunei News http://www.bruneinews.net/ 

Business in Cambodia http://www.business-in-cambodia.com/ 
Cambodia News http://www.cambodia-web.net/ 

BC Workinfo Net http://workinfonet.bc.ca/ 
CACEE http://www.cacee.com/ 
Canada Careers http://www.canadiancareers.com/ 
Canada Employment Weekly http://www.mediacorp2.com/ 
Canadian Public Service http://www.psc-cfp.gc.ca/index_e.htm 
Career & Immigration Tips http://www.careertips.com
Canada_Economy.htm Dep't of Foreign Affairs & Trade http://www.dfait-maeci.gc.ca/ 
Work Site Canada http://www.worksitecanada.com/ 
Workapolis http://www.workapolis.com/ 

Caribbean Hello http://www.caribbeandaily.com/ 
The Daily Herald http://www.thedailyherald.com/ 

Australian China Business Council http://www.acbc.com.au/ 
Beijing Review http://www.bjreview.com.cn/ 
Business Directory of China http://www.china-business-directory.com/ 
Career Agent China http://china.career-agent.net/ 
China Daily http://chinadaily.com.cn/ 
China News Digest http://www.cnd.org/ 
China Vista http://www.chinavista.com/ 
China HR http://www.chinahr.com/ 
China Window http://www.china-window.com.cn/ 
Chinese Newspapers Online http://www.lib.duke.edu/ias/eac/chnsp.htm Fujian http://www.fz.fj.cn/ 
Guangzhou Ribao http://www.gmw.com.cn/ 
Inside China Today http://www.einnews.com/china/ 
People's Daily http://www.snweb.com/ 
South China Morning Post http://www.scmp.com/ 
Wen Hui Daily http://www.whb.com.cn/ 
Zhaopin http://www.zhaopin.com.cn/ 

Czech Republic 
CV Online (Czech) http://www.cvonline.cz/ 
Czech Jobs (Czech) http://www.jobs.cz/ 
Department of Foreign Affairs http://www.czech.cz/ 
Hot Jobs (Czech) http://www.hotjobs.cz/ 
Job European Job Sites http://1job.net/ 
Jobmaster (English and Czech) http://www.jobmaster.cz/
EURES (English & Danish) http://www.eures.dk/ 
Job Bank (Danish) http://www.jobbank.dk/ 
Job Denmark (Danish) http://www.jobdanmark.dk/ 
Job guide (Danish) http://www.job-guide.dk/ 
Job Index (Danish) http://www.jobindex.dk/ 

Career Builder http://www.careerbuilder.com/ 
Careers Europe http://www.careers.co.uk/ 
EURES http://www.europa.eu.int/jobs/eures/ 
Euro-graduate http://www.eurograduate.com/ 
European Union http://europa.eu.int/ 
IAgora - iWork http://www.iagora.com/ 
Job Pilot http://www.jobpilot.com/ 
Job Site http://www.jobsite.co.uk/ 
Step Stone http://www.stepstone.com/ 

Fiji Online http://www.fiji-online.com.fj/ 
Fiji Trade Contacts http://www.fiji-online.com.fj/business/ 

Aamulehti Newspaper (Finnish) http://www.aamulehti.fi/tyopaikat/ 
Academic Career Services in Finland http://www.minedu.fi/ 
Academic Careers Service http://www.aarresaari.net/english/ 
Ministry of Labour http://www.mol.fi/tyopaikat/ 
PIB http://www.pib.fi/ 

ANPE (French) http://www.anpe.fr/ 
Experian en France http://www.experian.fr/carriere/job.htm 
French Employment Directory http://www.jobpilot.fr/ 
French News and Employment http://wanadoo.fr/ 
French-Aust. Chamber of Commerce http://www.facci.com.au/ 

Berlitz (Teaching English) http://www.berlitz.com/ 
Die Zeit Jobs http://www.jobs.zeit.de/ 
Job Exchange http://www.hueber.de/german/jobs/index.asp 
Stellen Market (German) http://www.stellenmarkt.de/ 
Student Employment in Germany http://www.careernet.de/ 

Athens News http://athensnews.gr/ 
OAED http://www.oaed.gr/mainenglish.htm 
Skywalker Job Search http://www.skywalker.gr/ 

Hong Kong 
Career Times Hong Kong http://www.careertimes.com.hk/ 
Chinese University of Hong Kong http://www.cuhk.edu.hk/ 
Classified Post http://www.classifiedpost.com.hk/ 
Gemini Personnel Ltd http://www.gemini.com.hk/ 
HKU Careers Service http://www.hku.hk/cepc/ 
Hong Kong Jobs http://www.hkjobs.com/ 
Hong Kong Polytechnic University http://www.polyu.edu.hk 
Hong Kong Trade Dev't Council http://www.tdctrade.com/ 
Hong Kong Uni Employers http://www.hku.hk/cepc/service/com_name.htm 
Ming Pao Daily News http://www.mingpaonews.com/ 
Recruit Online with Panda Planet http://www.pandaplanet.com/ 
Sing Tao http://www.singtao.com/ 
South China Morning Post Careers http://careers.scmp.com/ 
Ta Kung Pao http://www.takungpao.com.hk/ 

Jobs Iceland http://www.job.is/atvinnutorg/ 

Deccan Chronicle http://www.deccan.com/ 
Deccan Herald http://www.deccanherald.com/ 
Economic Times http://www.economictimes.com/ 
Express India http://expressindia.com/ 
India Connect http://www.indiaconnect.com/ 
India Government Homepage http://alfa.nic.in/ 
India Server http://www.indiaserver.com/ 
India World http://www.indiaworld.com/ 
INDOlink http://www.indolink.com/ 
Jagran http://www.jagran.com/ 
Jobs Ahead http://www.jobsahead.com/ 
Kerala Home Page http://www.keral.com/
Naidunia http://www.naidunia.com/ 
Net Guru India http://www.netguruindia.com/ 
News India-Times http://www.newsindia-times.com/ 
Sanjevani http://www.sanjevani.com/ The Hindu 
http://www.hinduonline.com/ The Statesman 
http://www.thestatesman.net/ The Telegraph 
Times of India Jobs and Careers http://www.timesjobsandcareers.com/ 

Australia Indonesia Business Council http://www.aibc.net.au/ 
Bali Post Online http://www.balipost.co.id/ 
Bernas http://www.indomedia.com/bernas/ 
Bisnis Indonesia http://www.bisnis.com/ 
Dep't of Foreign Affairs Indonesia http://www.dfa-deplu.go.id/ 
Indobiz http://www.indobiz.com/ 
Indonesia Government Homepage http://www.ri.go.id/ 
Indonesia Professional Associations http://www.dnet.net.id/ipa/ 
IndoWEB http://www.indoweb.com/ 
Kompas Cyber Media http://www.kompas.com/ 
Living in Indonesia for Expatriates http://www.expat.or.id/ 
Media Indonesia Online http://www.mediaindo.co.id/ 
Pikiran Rakyat http://www.pikiran-rakyat.com/ 
Republika Online http://www.republika.co.id/ 
Suara Merdeka http://www.suaramerdeka.com/ 

AA Ireland http://www.aaireland.ie/jobs/ 
Irish Jobs http://www.irishjobs.ie/ 
NI Jobs http://www.nijobs.com/ 
Nixers http://www.nixers.com/ 
Recruit Ireland http://www.recruitireland.com/ 
The Irish Times http://www.ireland.com 

Aust. - Israel Chamber of Commerce http://www.aicc.org.au/ 
Marksman International Personnel http://www.marksman.co.il/ 
The Jerusalem Post Daily http://www.jpost.co.il/ 

Adecco Italia http://www.adecco.it/ 
Corriere della Sera (Rome) http://www.corriere.it/ 
Italian and international jobs http://www.joblinks.f2s.com/ 
Job Online http://www.jobonline.it/ 
Job Pilot (Italian) http://www.jobpilot.it/ 
Talent Manager http://www.talentmanager.it/ 

Agara http://www.agara.co.jp/ 
Asahi Shimbun (Tokyo) http://www.asahi.com/ 
Chugoku Shimbun (Hiroshima) http://www.chugoku-np.co.jp/ 
Gaijinpot http://www.gaijinpot.com/ 
Hokkoku Shimbun http://www.hokkoku.co.jp/ 
Ingenium http://www.ingeniumgroup.com/indexe.asp 
InterCareer Net Japan http://www.intercareer.com/japan/ 
Japan Newspapers & Media Online http://www.sabotenweb.com/bookmarks/newspapers.html 
Japan Times (Tokyo) http://www.japantimes.co.jp/ 
Job Dragon http://www.jobdragon.com/index_e.asp 
Mainichi Interactive http://www.mainichi.co.jp/ 
Nara Shimbun http://www.nara-shimbun.com/ 
Nikkan Koyko Shimbun http://www.nikkan.co.jp/ 
Nikkei http://www.nikkei.co.jp/ 
Nishinippon Shimbun http://www.nishinippon.co.jp/ 
O Hayo Sensei (Teaching) http://www.ohayosensei.com/ 
Okinawa Times http://www.okinawatimes.co.jp/ 
Pacific Stars and Stripes http://www.estripes.com/ 
Ryukyu Shimpo http://www.ryukyushimpo.co.jp/ 
Tokyo Stock Exchange http://www.tse.or.jp/ 
Yomiuri Online http://www.yomiuri.co.jp/ 

Latin America
Jobs in Latin America http://www.latpro.com/ 

ADEM http://www.etat.lu/adem/ 
HVB Luxembourg http://www.hvb.lu/en/jobs/ 

Daily Express http://www.infosabah.com.my
Graduan http://www.graduan.com.my/ 
JARING http://www.jaring.my/ 
Jobstreet http://www.jobs.com.my/ 
Kuala Lumpur Stock Exchange http://www.klse.com.my/ 
Malaysia Online http://www.mol.net.my/ 
Manfield in Malaysia & Singapore http://www.manfield.com.sg/ 
Sarawak Tribune http://www.sarawaktribune.com.my/ 
Star Jobs http://star-jobs.com/ 
Wencom Career Guide http://www.jaring.my/wencom/career.htm 

Le Mauricien http://www.lemauricien.com/mauricien/ 
L'Express http://www.lexpress.mu/ 

Middle East
Bayt http://www.bayt.com/ 
Careers Emirates http://careeremirates.com/ 
Gulf Job Sites http://www.gulfjobsites.com 

Nepalese Newspapers http://www.south-asia.com/
Dambusters Recruitment http://www.dambustersrecruitment.com/ 
English Language jobs in Holland http://www.englishlanguagejobs.com/ 
Jobnews (Dutch) http://www.jobnews.nl/ 
Jobs Today Directory (Dutch) http://www.jobstoday.nl/ 
JobTrack (Dutch) http://www.jobtrack.nl/ 
Van Zoelen Recruitment http://www.vz-recruitment.nl/
New Zealand
Best Jobs New Zealand http://www.bestjobsnz.com/ 
Kiwi Careers http://www.careers.co.nz/ 

EMB Net http://www.no.embnet.org/Jobs/index.php3 
FINN http://www.finn.no/ 
Norge Jobbguiden http://www.jobbguiden.no/ 
RekrutteringssystemerAS http://www.rekrutteringssystemer.no/
Business Recorder http://www.brecorder.com/ 
News International http://www.jang-group.com/thenews/ 
The Dawn http://dawn.com/ 

Australian-Philippines Business Council http://www.apbc.org.au/ 
Business World http://bworld.com.ph/ 
Chinese Commercial News http://www.siongpo.com/ 
Filipino Express http://www.filipinoexpress.com/ 
Filipino Online Job Hunting http://www.trabaho.com/ 
Manila Bulletin http://www.mb.com.ph/ 
Philippine Star http://www.philstar.com/ 
Philippines Times http://www.philippinespost.com/ 
Visayan Daily Star http://www.visayandailystar.com/ 

Emprego (Jobs) (Portuguese) http://emprego.aeiou.pt/ 
IEFP http://www.iefp.pt/ 
Jobs Express (Portuguese) http://www.expressoemprego.pt/ 
Portugal Jobs http://portugal-info.net/jobs/deletejob.htm 
Talent 4 Europe http://www.talent4europe.com/Portugal/jobs.htm
Job Pilot (Polish) http://www.jobpilot.com.pl/ 
Polandjobs.com http://www.polandjobs.com/ 
Top Jobs (Polish) http://www.topjobs.pl/ 

Best Jobs Romania http://bestjobs.neogen.ro/ 
Jobsearch Romania (Romanian) http://www.jobsearch.ro/index.cfm 
Romania jobsearch portal http://addbusiness.hypermart.net/employment/
Human Resources Online Russia http://www.hro.ru/ 
Russia Today http://www.russiatoday.com/ 
St Petersburg Times http://www.sptimes.ru/ 

9to5 Asia http://coldfusion.9to5asia.com/ 
Alpha Maps http://www.alpha-maps.com/ 
Asia One http://www.asia1.com.sg/ 
Business Times http://business-times.asia1.com.sg/ 
Career Zone Jobs in Singapore http://www.careerzone.com.sg/ 
Contact Singapore http://www.contactsingapore.org.sg/ 
Job Bank http://www.adpost.com/sg/job_bank 
Lianhe Zaobao http://www.asia1.com.sg/zaobao/ 
Manpower Singapore http://www.manpower.com.sg/ 
Nanyang Polytechnic http://www.nyp.edu.sg/ 
National University of Singapore http://www.nus.edu.sg/ 
Shipping Times http://business-times.asia1.com.sg/shippingtimes/ 
Singapore Chamber of Commerce http://www.sicc.com.sg/ 
Singapore Government http://www.gov.sg/ 
Singapore Information Map http://www.sg/ 
Singapore Stock Exchange http://www.ses.com.sg/ 
Singtao Times http://www.singtao.com/ 
The Straits Times http://straitstimes.asia1.com.sg/ 

South Korea
Chosun Daily News http://www.chosun.com/ 
Chungang Ilbo http://www.joins.com/ 
Dong A Ilbo http://www.donga.com/ 
Han-Kyoreh Shinmum http://www.hani.co.kr/ 
Korea Post http://www.koreapost.com/ 
Korea Times http://www.korealink.co.kr/times/times.htm 
Korean News Service http://www.nowcom.co.kr/ 
Maeil Shinmun http://www.m2000.co.kr/ 
Munhwa Ilbo http://www.munhwa.co.kr/ 
The Korea Herald http://www.koreaherald.co.kr/ 

Terra (Spanish) http://www.terra.es/ 
Todo Trabajo (Spaish) http://www.todotrabajo.com/ 
Trabajo.org (Spanish) http://www.trabajo.org/ 
Trabajos (Spanish) http://www.trabajos.com/ 

Sri Lanka
Daily News http://www.dailynews.lk/ 
Lanka Academic Network http://www.lacnet.org/ 
Sri Lanka Server http://www.lanka.net/ 
Tamil Eelam News (Tamil) http://www.eelam.com/news/tamil/ 

AMS http://www.ams.se/englishfs.asp 
I see Head hunting & Consulting http://www.isee.se/ 
Jobline http://www.jobline.se/ 
Manpower Sweden (Swedish) http://www.manpower.se/ 
Proffice (Swedish) http://www.proffice.se/ 
Swednet Job Search http://www.swednet.org.uk/ 
Temporary Office Work in Sweden http://www.proffice.com/
Emploi Swizterland http://emploi.ch/ 
Job Engine http://www.jobengine.ch/ 
Swiss Info http://www.swissinfo.org/ 
Swiss Jobs http://www.swissjobs.ch/ 
Swiss Web Jobs http://www.jobs.ch/ 
Top Jobs Switzerland http://www.topjobs.ch/ 

China Economic News Service http://cens.com/ 
China Times http://www.chinatimes.com.tw/ 
JobsDB.com http://www.jobsdb.com.tw/ 
SinaNet Taiwan News http://sinanet.com/ 
Taiwan Jobs Center http://jobs.asiaco.com/taiwan/ 
Taiwan Stock Exchange http://www.tse.com.tw/ 
Taiwan Tribune http://www.taiwanese.com 

Bangkok Post Jobs http://www.bangkokpostjobs.com/ 
Business Day http://bday.net/ 
Phuket Gazette http://www.phuketgazette.net/ 
Siam Jobs - resume/jobs database http://www.siam.net/jobs/ 
Thai Aust. Chamber of Commerce http://www.austchamthailand.com/ 
Thailand Business http://www.accessasia.com/xroad/xrthbus.html 

United Kingdom (UK)
Academic Jobs http://www.jobs.ac.uk/ 
ASA Education (Teaching in UK) http://www.asaeducation.com/ 
BBC News Online http://news.bbc.co.uk/ 
Celsian Group http://www.celsiangroup.com/ 
Daily Record http://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/ 
Financial Times http://www.ft.com/ 
Fish 4 - Jobs http://www.fish4.co.uk/ 
IC Resources http://www.ic-resources.co.uk/ 
Job Mall http://www.jobmall.co.uk/ 
Jobsearch http://www.jobsearch.co.uk/ 
JobServe http://www.jobserve.co.uk/ 
Microscape Recruitment Ltd http://www.microscape.co.uk/welcome.asp 
Net Job http://www.netjobs.co.uk/ 
Planet Recruit http://www.planetrecruit.com/ 
Prospects http://www.prospects.ac.uk/ 
SEEK UK http://www.seek.com.au/if.asp.loc=ukjobs 
Technojobs UK http://www.technojobs.co.uk/ 
Telegraph Newspaper Online http://www.telegraph.co.uk/ 
The Guardian -Jobs http://jobs.guardian.co.uk/ 
The Monster Board, UK http://www.monster.co.uk/ 
The Times http://www.timesonline.co.uk/ 
Top Jobs http://www.topjobs.co.uk/
United States (US)
Adguide's College Recruiter http://www.adguide.com/ 
Financial Times http://www.usa.ft.com/ 
Internship Programs http://internships.wetfeet.com/ 
Job Hunt http://www.job-hunt.org/ 
Jobweb http://www.collegejournal.com/ 
Nation Job Network http://www.nationjob.com/ 
Net Temps http://www.net-temps.com/ 
The New York Times http://www.nytimes.com/ 
The Wall Street Journal - College http://www.collegejournal.com/ 
US Government official site http://www.usajobs.opm.gov/ 
USA Today http://www.usatoday.com/ 

Vietnam Works http://www.vietnamworks.com/ 

United Arab Emirates (UAE)
Jobs in Dubai http://www.jobsindubai.com/ 
The Emirates Network http://www.theemiratesnetwork.com/business/jobs.htm 

International Organizations
OECD http://www.oecd.org/ 
Inter-American Development Bank http://www.iadb.org/ 
International Labour Organisation http://www.ilo.org/ 
International Monetary Fund http://www.imf.org/ 
Red Cross http://www.redcross.org/ 
The World Bank Group http://www.worldbank.org/ 
UNESCO http://www.unesco.org/ 
United Nations http://www.un.org/ 
World Health Organisation http://www.who.org/ 
World Trade Organisation http://www.wto.org/ 
Worldwide Corporate Information http://www.corporateinformation.com/

CompTIA A+ 601/602   CompTIA Network+

MCP   MCDST   MCST: Windows Vista   MCITP: Enterprise Support

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Posted 22 April 2009 - 03:34 PM


I live in the DC/Maryland area.

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Posted 16 August 2009 - 08:58 AM

For freelancers:


Do you know any pages with freelance adds? I'm searching for something for remote windows admins :)
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Posted 16 August 2009 - 09:51 AM

Dice.com     <------seems like good website at first glance, but after trying it for about more than a year I realized that only recruiting agencies are providing  jobs there which is not good at all, if you want to have real job with real employer, just mention in your resume NO THIRD PARTIES, NO RECRUITING AGENCIES. From the forum of dice.com I learned that you might end up having job for $15-25/hour while agency charges clients for whom you work at least $75/hour. After reading that post now if someone contacts me regarding job offer my first question would be "Are you direct employer or recruiting agency?", saves time and frustration for me. I ended up having more real employers with decent salary offers on craigslist rather than anywhere else. So I would add up here http://www.craigslist.org

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Posted 14 September 2009 - 08:05 PM

Rather than deal with dice you might as well go directly to Robert Half  as they are always quoted on the status of the U.S. IT job market.  They deal with contract to hire and direct hire placement


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Posted 26 October 2009 - 08:55 PM

www.cwjobs.co.uk/                                                                Lists IT jobs for people who live in the UK. One of the best I think.:P

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Posted 27 October 2009 - 07:30 AM


Any one would share best website for Middle East like Saudi Arabia ..

Thanks In Advance .

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Posted 30 October 2009 - 03:28 PM

for Middle East  its bayt.com

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Posted 03 November 2009 - 10:29 AM


The spanish sites are not so good , the best are


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