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Configure SCCM 2007 SP1 in Windows Server 2008 - Step 1

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Posted 17 July 2009 - 08:51 AM

Step 2. Set site boundries and verify site name is configured for Active Directory

When you have completed the above, we now need to startup the SCCM Configmgr console and to check the site boundries and verify the the SCCM server site name is configured for active directory instead of the IP address (as it is by default).

Startup the SCCM Configmgr console and click on the + beside Site Management to expand that section.

Underneath that you'll have your SCCM Site Server name (in my case WIN), and underneath that we have the Sites settings.

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You'll need to know your AD site name. The AD site name is by default called Default-First-Site-Name and you can change that in Active Directory sites and services just as long as the site name is the SAME in both AD and SCCM site boundries

Before change:-

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below we have renamed the Default-First-Site-Name to windows-noob in Active directory sites and services

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Open SCCM Configmgr and expand Site settings, click on the Boundaries node, right click the node and select New Boundary from the context menu.

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Click on Type and change it to Active Directory Site

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click on Browse and select the AD site name we configured earlier in AD sites and services.

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click on ok to complete

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click ok again and we can now see our SCCM Site boundary is setup in ConfigMgr.

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