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Restoring a Raid 5 partition with Symantec Ghost 11.0

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Hi everyone,


I'm kinda stuck on a issue. I Had a Raid 5 ghost array and needed to rebuild it due to a dead drive bay on my server. I made ghost images of both my main partitions on this raid array, my OS partition and my SQL database partition.


I then removed my dead drive bay SAS hard drive, deleted my logical raid 5 array, and rebuilt it with one less hard drive. All Raid 5 mind you. I go back and boot back into WinPE and use Ghost 11.0. I went ahead and tried restoring both my partitions. This went through fine, or so I thought.


Upon rebooting the server, I get a "error loading os" message, and that's it. Nothing happens.


This is a server that needs Windows 2003 R2, and my Raid 5 array makes up 2.8 TB, I made a 60GB OS partition, 200GB for SQL partition, and the rest for data.


Bear in mind, my original partition sizes were different: C drive (OS) was 500GB, D drive (SQL) was 1.7 TB, and my data partition was 1.8TB. These were all on 2 different Raid 5 arrays.


So anyone have any ideas? suggestions?




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