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server path not found

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Guys ,

Good day..


I have setup my wds server,but when i capture image, and im on the procedure to put the server name it says "network path not found"

What seems to be the problem:


Already checked:

-network connectivity is ok ( i can ping the server)

0che server name and its ok (ie: \\servername or \\ ip address)


Thanks for your usual support...

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have you tried this?


i get it from technet, you can read people experience her.

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The problem:

Even though the PC seems to be booting via PXE boot from BIOS and connecting to the WDS server to run the WDS CAPTURE BOOT IMAGE applet, when you are prompted to CONNECT to the WDS SERVER you get the error "NETWORK PATH CAN NOT BE FOUND". The issue here is that the network driver, although loading in PXE, is not loading in the 32bit Windows PE environment.




The Solution:


When you get to the initial screen prompting you to enter the image name and select the WDS server, (hit SHIFT + F10 BEFORE TRYING TO CONNECT TO THE WDS SERVER!!!)




SHIFT+F10 will bring up an [X:\windows\system32] prompt.






Drop a CD with the network driver installation EXE or MSI kit in the CD ROM (assuming D:\ is your CD-ROM).


At the command prompt, type: D: (or whatever your CD-ROM drive letter is) and launch the NIC CARD DRIVER INSTALLER. (NOTE: Since WindowsPE is 32 bit, even though you are launching from a DOS prompt, you can run 32 bit applications - This can be really helpful running other utilities (disk dioagnostics, as well!)






Drop a CD with the network driver installation INF file in the CD ROM (assuming D:\ is your CD-ROM).


From the X:\windows\system32> prompt, type in DRVLOAD {inf path} (ex. DRVLOAD d:\e1000.inf )






Once your NIC CARD DRIVER is installed, you'll need to go back to the [X:\windows\system32>] prompt. From [D:] type X:




Now that you are back at the Windows PE [X:] prompt, run the following application:








This applet will initialize the new driver and startup the network in the Windows PE environment.




Verify that this worked by:


a) getting a SUCCESS message for starting the network as WPEUTIL INITIALIZENETWORK finishes running..


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Once you see that you have an IP ADDRESS assignment, you can close the DOS windows ("X" out in the upper right of the DOS window), and then PROCEED with entering the WDS SERVER NAME and click "CONNECT".




You will then be prompted to provide logon credentials to your WDS server. Once you successfully connect to the WDS server, you can then place the image in the desired WDS image share folder (SVR (server) , WS (workstation), LT (Laptop) , etc.) When you continue from here, you should see a continuous count up of percentage loaded of your image to the server.




Good luck with this. I hope that you find it to work out wel!



Salam peace

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