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How to propagate only specific alert - SCOM

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Introduces how to set notification target in SCOM 2007 SP1 only specific alert this time. NetA original

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You can narrow the alert when notification settings from the Administrator console, in a class or group to notify only the specific alert settings cannot. But has the ability to realize such settings as SCOM 2007.


Describes how to achieve such settings in the following combination of Powershell and console tasks. Furthermore, this feature can be set from the console by default in the SCOM 2007 R2 can be turned.


-How to set to notify only the specific alert


1. Open the SCOM management console administration pane settings for notification notifications under the settings node in mail.


2. Notify-recipient settings, do expand the recipients node by.


3. Is exposed to the following sites CreateSub.ps1 and Create.A.Subscription.By.RightClicking.an.Alert.xml copy and paste to create a file with the same name.


OpsMgr 2007: Creating a subscription for future occurrences of an alert

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4. Creating the CreateSub.ps1 open in the editor such as Notepad with the fully qualified domain name of the root management server server.domain.com portion. Also, with the recipient name you set in step 2,[email protected] .


5. File edited in step 4 to place into any folder on the root management server. In this case, the folder path contains spaces.


6. Change the path followed by editor such as Notepad, open the Create.A.Subscription.By.RightClicking.an.Alert.xml part of C:\Scripts put files in step 5. Two changes.


7. XML file you edited in step 6 to import Management Pack.


8. Open the SCOM management console and open the active alerts in the monitoring pane.


9. Select the alerts you want to set the notification. Click the Create a Subscription in actions, click alert tasks.



10. Notify the Management pane-verify delivery registration opened and subscriptions have been added.

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