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Troubleshooting backups fail if unable to communicate with the agent at the DPM 2007 and DPM 2010

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how to handle common events that failed to back up If you get unable to communicate with the agent at the DPM 2007 and DPM 2010.


- Symptoms


The backup fails at random times in the DPM. At that time, the Administrator Console DPM] in the [Monitor] tab - [Job] Error codes displayed in the tab on the details of the job to fail but many had been processed by the DPM in doing so, failed jobs The "Details:" The most common errors that appear after the "An existing connection was forcibly closed by the remote host. (0x80072746)", and others, "The RPC server is unavailable. (0x800706ba ) "etc., and any errors involved in the communication.


Above are connected via a WAN to protect with DPM, communication is interrupted at irregular intervals, but we have been reported in such environments, lead to a temporary overload or protected by DPM Besides may also occur in other cases.


- Action


The DPM will time out condition occurs in 5 min interruption of communication. This timeout value, create the following registry by setting, it is possible to extend this timeout value.



Key path: "HKLM \ Software \ \ Microsoft \ Microsoft Data Protection Manager \ Agent"

Name: ConnectionNoActivityTimeout

Type: REG_DWORD (values ​​DWORD)

Value: 900 (decimal, units are seconds.)



The above key does not exist by default, but internally is 300 seconds (5 minutes) is used.

After setting the key, please restart the DPMRA service at each machine. (Administrative Tools - Services screen, and then restart the service DPMRA.)


After reflecting the above setting, start the backup again, Please Try us improve symptoms.


- If you do not improve the time-stretched


Timeout value, 900 seconds and above, 3600 does not set the long term and improve, the situation is likely to have failed to communicate in some other factors.

Cause of the failed network communications is also involved in complex operations such as switches and firewalls in the environment as a way of dealing with many events have been reported by the OS and hardware level is subject below.


(1) Scalable Networking Pack (SNP) in our server and disable both the DPM server and protected the function of


Called a SNP, there are settings that let in more efficient network processing hardware, such behavior makes the rare events have been reported and we fail to communicate a particular network. (Remote Desktop or Ping, or file sharing, but to succeed, some fail only the communication applications such as DPM, a complex subject like developmental pattern.)


In addition, the network hardware, which may have turned on optimization feature called off-road variety, when isolating a network device is enabled, be asked to also turn off optimizing functions such is. (For setting, or if done from Device Manager, it may have its own management software NIC, Please check your hardware documentation for each.)


(2) Network bandwidth control feature is enabled on the DPM


For the exchange of data between the DPM, a channel for data transfer (TCP / IP) and, DCOM as the channel for other controls (RPC) and using two channels for data transmission bandwidth is narrow, etc. If you happen to put pressure on the band, the bandwidth for control, you may run into a situation not long in spite of the interaction of the instruction that communication is performed.


To avoid this, make adjustments to the DPM as an isolation bandwidth, please focus on the band. (As the usual recommended, please set to approximately 80 to 90%. Also, when setting this up in the protected route from DPM, 80% to 90% from the most narrow-band Specify the bandwidth.)


※ How to adjust network bandwidth, help each DPM product, "How to enable adjustment of the machine-level network bandwidth," Please reference.


(3) above is not valid either, and may overload the situation of the DPM server itself. Change the setting of a protection group, and not to run scheduled backup at the same time, please try Face symptoms can be avoided.

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