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A humble request to all Vmware Guys

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Hi All,


I am requesting you all to show some contribution to this forum. Reasons behind this


1.We all basically belong to a lower class who want to rise as soon as possible

2. As moderaters we are doing hard work for you guys and in return you people are not showing any improvement expect saying thanks from last few years

3.I can see people who are members from 2008, 2009 and have single post. What does it mean....


4.I have everything related to Vmware but i will share those things only when i will see some improvement in the forum....So please start contributing to the forum...


Contribution can be in any form like interview questions, projects related documents,presentations etc.


This plea is specially for Vmware guys.....


And i need your feedback on this as i may be wrong?


Thanks and Regards

Pramod Upadhyay

I am a new guy to join this group, and hope we can share and more talking at here like other groups.

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Hello Guys, does anyone have ktbyers Ansible videos, if yes then can you please share with me

Sorry i am asking in this group as i din't find anything related to Ansible on this forum.


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• Public posting of your email ID and/or any communication service ID such as SMS, MSN IDs, Skype etc... is not permitted.
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