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Juniper JunOS Olive 12.1R1.9 for GNS3

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does firefly support logical systems?


Feature JunosV Firefly

Application Identification (Junos OS) No

Authentication with IC Series Devices No

Chassis Cluster and Chassis Management No

General Packet Radio Service No

Intrusion Detection and Prevention No

Layer 2 Mode No

Logical Systems No

Power over Ethernet No

Public Key Infrastructure No

Remote Device Access No

Route Reflector No

RPM Probe No

Services Offloading No

Transparent Mode No

Unified Threat Management No

USB Modem No

Virtual Private LAN Service No

Voice over Internet Protocol with Avaya No

Wireless Local Area Network No

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You could use VirtualBox, but this image is made for Qemu, so the simplest way is to use it directly with Qemu in GNS3.


1. Edit -> Preferences

2. Select Qemu in menu to the left.

3. Click Test Settings to assure that Qemu was correctly installed during GNS3 installation

4. Click Junos tab, select an identifier name and provide the downloaded Olive image in the Binary image field.

5. Click Save and then OK.

6. Drag a Juniper Router from the Node Types list out to the topology view.

7. Start the Juniper Router

8. Start playing! smile.png



Hi Mike,


I was able to opened it with VirtualBox after the converted this img, but was unable to use it in Qemu. Can you please advise more how to use it in Qemu?

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