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Need help ms word 2007

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This is teraterm. I want to copy as it is and paste.

But when i paste it in the word it is coming as below. How to copy and paste exactly?



SW1#show vlan br


VLAN Name Status Ports

---- -------------------------------- --------- -------------------------------

1 default active Fa0/2, Fa0/4, Fa0/6, Fa0/7

Fa0/8, Fa0/9, Fa0/10, Fa0/11

Fa0/12, Fa0/13, Fa0/14, Fa0/15

Fa0/16, Fa0/17, Fa0/18, Fa0/19

Fa0/20, Fa0/21, Fa0/22, Fa0/23

Fa0/24, Gi0/1, Gi0/2

56 VLAN0056 active Fa0/5

123 VLAN0123 active Fa0/1, Fa0/3

1002 fddi-default act/unsup

1003 token-ring-default act/unsup

1004 fddinet-default act/unsup

1005 trnet-default act/unsup


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do you tried to force "Courier" font or maybe just paste it in Excel rather than in Word

you may have a chance it keep the frame

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