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NEW TSv5 consolidated web-iou is out

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Dear Folks,


After very hard work, here is it.


First big thanks goes to: Crabs, Howler, DaveGuy…and all others who helped me to get this web-iou together.

This is WEB-IOU TSv5 Consolidated version of possible TSv5 variations. Respected almost all feedbacks from forum.

Of course here are not 100% fine-tuned in some tickets with very special commands, but IT IS very use able.

Please use work book provided from Howler. Please just read a questions carefully and check where Router or something are not match. It should be tuned for this WEB-IOU edition.


Topology comes from your feedback's.






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Thanks man for the awesome work, much appreciated.

Just few questions has anyone tried to solve this?

1 The question asking to ping internet, I think that is already solved...

Correct me if i'm wrong

2 Ipv6 phone has no ipv6 config is that an error?

3 MSDP question, do we have to use static rp, coz i don't see any auto rp related config. (P.S. i was able to solve it using static rp

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    Give reaction to this post to see the hidden content.

4 If anyone was able to solve mpls question please PM me, can't seem to get that one working...


Thanks to UD, anyone who answers these questions...


Enjoy Routing!

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if somebody has NETMAP and NVRAMS please share in the forum , really appreciate this help, there isn't such web in sparc




thnaks a lot !

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