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Trainsignal – Microsoft MTA Security Fundamentals Training

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Trainsignal – Microsoft MTA: Security Fundamentals

English | Audio: wmav2, 44100 Hz, mono, 48 kb/s

WMV | Video: yuv420p, 800x600, 26 kb/s, 15.00 fps® | 638 MB

Genre: Video Training



This is a practical course for a beginner looking to gain a baseline knowledge in the world of IT security. This practical course moves you from basic concepts right into real-world implementations, cementing new knowledge by giving you the opportunity to immediately see it in action and practice it for yourself.


You’ll learn security basics like the three “A’s” of security (authentication, authorization, and accounting. You’ll also learn how the Windows operating system secures files, websites, users, mail servers, and more.




Lesson 1: Getting Started with Security Fundamentals — 00:02:18

Lesson 2: Introducing Security — 00:25:07

Lesson 3: Physical Security as the First Line of Defense — 00:11:53

Lesson 4: Starting Security with Authentication — 00:29:30

Lesson 5: Authentication Basics — 00:19:11

Lesson 6: Active Directory 00:15:54

Lesson 7: Using Encryption to Protect Data — 00:25:53

Lesson 8: Securing Files via NTFS — 00:15:10

Lesson 9: Sharing Drives and Folders — 00:12:42

Lesson 10: Introducing the Registry — 00:11:49

Lesson 11: Using IPSec — 00:18:29

Lesson 12: Using Auditing — 00:11:38

Lesson 13: Enhancing Security via Password Policies — 00:20:38

Lesson 14: Managing Security via Role-Based Access Control — 00:10:47

Lesson 15: Using Dedicated Firewalls to Protect a Network 00:16:54

Lesson 16: Controlling Access with Network Access Protection — 00:07:46

Lesson 17: Using Isolation to Protect the Network — 00:22:23

Lesson 18: Protecting Data with Protocol Security — 00:12:15

Lesson 19: Securing Wireless Networks — 00:08:13

Lesson 20: Protecting Client Computers — 00:19:17

Lesson 21: Protecting E-Mail Services — 00:05:51

Lesson 22: Securing Web Browsers — 00:13:29

Lesson 23: Protecting Servers — 00:09:27

Lesson 24: Protecting Web Servers — 00:08:40

Lesson 25: Preparing for Your Security Fundamentals (98-367) Certification Exam — 00:04:21

Lesson 26: Next Steps — 00:01:59



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Could anyone please mirror this in a single link file on Mediafire or Rapidgator? Thanks in advance :biggrin:

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