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Trainsignal - Cisco CCNA Voice (640-461 ICOMM)

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Trainsignal - Cisco CCNA Voice (640-461 ICOMM) | 1.03 GB




This Cisco CCNA Voice course will enhance your ability to build and deploy a Cisco telephony system for SMB environments. It includes building a lab from start to finish, best practices, and licensing. To get the most out of this course, you should have a solid foundation in Cisco networking and routing.



Lesson 1: Getting Started with Cisco CCNA Voice — 00:09:45

Lesson 2: Voice Foundations: Legacy Telephony — 00:29:42

Lesson 3: Voice over IP Building Blocks — 00:40:11

Lesson 4: CCNA Voice Lab Setup — 00:18:57

Lesson 5: Cisco Unified Communications Overview and IP Endpoints — 00:43:18

Lesson 6: Cisco Unified Communications Manager Express (CUCME) Dial Plan Fundamentals — 00:32:39

Lesson 7: Cisco Unified Communications Manager (CUCM) Dial Plan Fundamentals — 00:32:44

Lesson 8: Overview of CUCME — 00:30:52

Lesson 9: Configuring CUCME from the CLI — 00:22:45

Lesson 10: Configuring CUCME from the GUI — 00:38:17

Lesson 11: Overview of CUCM — 00:27:36

Lesson 12: Configuring Users, Devices, and Gateways — 00:33:59

Lesson 13: Configuring Specialized Applications in CUCM — 00:21:45

Lesson 14: System Maintenance and Troubleshooting in CUCM — 00:34:40

Lesson 15: Cisco Unity Connection — 00:33:39

Lesson 16: Cisco Unified Presence — 00:21:22

Lesson 17: Reporting Functions — 00:27:16

Lesson 18: Advanced Features and Applications — 00:32:11

Lesson 19: Preparing for Your CCNA Voice 640-461 Exam — 00:22:21

Lesson 20: Next Steps — 00:09:14

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