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Wondering, if packet tracer or gns3 could be used for simulating the fcoe configuration.


Any help on this with pointers on how to set a fcoe lab using emulator/simulator would be greatly appreciated.


thanks in advance.

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From what I can tell and from what I remember...


For a 3600 Router Image GNS3 allows for switching configuration when using a network module card, such as the NM-16ESW. Once this is in place you can configure the interfaces to either be 10/100/auto Mbps. This would negate the fiber channel as they are to use 10Gbps and over to be considered a Fiber Channel Protocol.


I can configure a Fiber Channel on a 7200 Image, but it isn't usable in the sense that you are looking for. I can create a port channel and assign interfaces to it, but I cannot configure load balancing or see any information with standard show commands. So in essence it isn't much help.


I know that Packet Tracer has switching capabilities built into the program, but all interfaces on those switches are copper based and are not capable of using 10 GB.


We typically use FCOE on a Nexus infrastructure. The NX-OS is not supported in either Packet Tracer or GNS3.


Don't give up hope though... I'm only speaking from what I remember. There may be someone out there who has set this up and will share the information later.

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