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Lammle Press - CCNA 14 Module CCNA Boot Camps DVD

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Lammle Press – CCNA 14 Module CCNA Boot Camps DVD

English | mpeg4 640×480 29.97 fps | mp3 44100 Hz 128 kb/s | Full DVD | 2.59 GB


Get the foundation you need to prepare for the Todd Lammle Cisco authorized CCNA Boot Camps. Order Self-Paced Training on DVD from Lammle Press! Todd Lammle, CCNA / CCNP / CCSP / CCVP, CEH / CEFI, FCC RF Licensed, popular Sybex author and trainer at GlobalNet Training has been involved in computers and networking with Fortune 500 companies for over two decades.


He has worked for large companies such as Hughes Aircraft, Xerox, Texaco, Toshiba, Cisco, AAA and IBM, among many others. Todd has shared his networking knowledge and experience in more than 45 Sybex study guides, including his best selling Cisco CCNA Study Guide. Widely regarded as a best selling author, even surpassing the sales of Cisco Press.


Course Outline:


Module 1 Internetworking

Introduction to basic networking Hardware and logical addressing OSI Reference Model The seven layers and their functions Ethernet Networking …


Module 2: Introduction to TCP / IP

Introducing the Internet Protocol Stack The DoD Model Application layer protocols Host to Host Layer protocols Network layer protocols Written Lab: …


Module 3: IP address, Subnetting, VLSM and Summarization

Introduction to IP addressing Hexadecimal and Binary addressing Class C Subnetting Class B Subnetting Class A Subnetting Variable Length Subnet Masks …


Module 4: Introduction to the Cisco IOS

How a router and switch boots Memory types in a router and switch User mode Privileged mode Administrative functions Hostname Banner Passwords …


Module 5: IOS Management and IP Troubleshooting

How to verify and copy your IOS to a tftp server How to verify and copy an IOS from a TFTP server How to verify and copy your configuration to a tftp …


Module 6: IP Routing

Introduction to IP Routing Static Routing Dynamic Routing RIP Routing RIPv2 Routing Verifying RIP Routing Hands-on Lab 6.1: Static Routing Hands-on …


Module 7: EIGRP and OSPF

Introduction to Enhanced IGRP Configuring and Verifying EIGRP Introduction to OSPF OSPF wildcard masking OSPF Elections Verifying OSPF Hands-on Lab …


Module 8: Layer-2 Switching and Spanning Tree Protocol

Introduction to layer-2 switching The MAC address table The three switch functions Spanning-Tree Protocol (STP) Determining the Root bridge STP …


Module 9: Virtual LANs (VLANs)

Introduction to Virtual LANs Configuring VLANs Assigning Switch port memberships Configuring trunk ports Inter-VLAN routing Router on a stick …


Module 10: Access-lists

Introduction to Access Lists Standard Access Lists Extended Access Lists Names Access Lists Configuring Access lists with wildcards Verifying and …


Module 11: Network Address Translation

Introduction to Network Address Translation (NAT) Static NAT Dynamic NAT Port Address Translation (PAT) Verifying and Troubleshooting NAT Hands-on …


Module 12: Wireless LANs

Introduction to Wireless LAN’s WLAN Technologies IEEE 802.11 Specifications WLAN Security Hands-on Labs 12.1: Analyzing WLAN Traffic Time …


Module 13: IPv6

Introduction to IPv6 IPv6 addressing IPv6 Routing Protocols Configuring and Verifying IPv6 Hands-on Labs 13.1: Configuring and Verifying IPv6 Time …


Module 14: Wide Area Networks (WANs) and Security Device Manager

Introduction to Wide Are Networks High-level Data Link Control (HDLC) Point-to-point protocol (PPP) Frame Relay Security Device Manager (Covers SDM …)



If get link die or problem with unrar file , send request to bit.ly/124uJzh

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