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Windows Server 2012 Server Manager Overview

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On this topic, I'll be over viewing the Server Manager of Windows Server 2012


What is Server Manager?


Is a tool that is introduced during Windows Server 2008 days. it replaces the Manage Your Server from Windows Server 2003


One of the functionality is to manage the server in the single console, plus adding and removal of roles and features are available.


Added features on Windows Server 2012,


- You can now manage multiple servers on single from one console, you don't need to remote multiple server. All you need to do is to create a server groups and add those servers that you want to manage.

- Administrative tools is remove and replaced by tools.

- Adding roles and features

- Launching Windows Powershell session.

- View events are also available.

- Performing Server Configuration tasks.

- Promoting domain controllers no longer support dcpromo on a GUI basis

- Dcpromo can now only use for unattend domain controller promotion.

- NIC teaming is much easier to manage.

- Local Server was added to replaced the Initial Configuration Task, which is better. Since it is already part of your management. (See screenshot below)





Here is the screenshot of Server Manager from Windows Server 2012.




Local Server



I hope you like it and more of this. Thanks!

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The great advantage is that NICTeaming much easier to manage, and on the server will be less of a server . If look at

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, the tasks has become much easier to use.

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Yes, Microsoft did a lot of work to make this new technology more efficient to us (administrators). One of which is the NIC teaming, that helps us to combine 2 or more NICs

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