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Trainsignal – VMware vSphere Advanced Networking Training DVD

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TrainSignal – vSphere Advanced Networking Training DVD | 1.97 GB



TrainSignal, the global leader in professional computer training, announced the release of their vSphere Advanced Networking course.


Advanced features of vSphere administration are the main focus of this deep dive virtualization training course authored by VCDX #49 Jason Nash. The main focus of the course is to expand administrators’ knowledge of virtual networking in VMware vSphere 5 environments to meet the demands of increasingly agile data centers.


Successful VMware Networking utilizes the vSphere Distributed Switch (vDS) in order to improve management, monitoring, security and performance for the components of the hypervisor virtual switch. In this course, viewers will fully understand the functions and deployment of vDS and Network I/O Control (NIOC). This has the potential for increasing performance and security while managing overhead costs.


The core concepts highlighted in the course are:


Port Mirroring




vNIC and VMDirectPath




vSphere Network Security


vSphere Distributed Switch Migration


This course on VMware Advanced Networking was created to address the widespread impact that virtualization technologies are having on datacenters. About the evolving relationship between networking and virtualization, Jason Nash explains, “When virtualization first became mainstream it did not impact networking to any great extent but those days are gone. Today organizations want to have multiple active data centers with tier 1 applications running virtually while offering exceptional performance, security, and fault monitoring. This has put a strain on traditional virtual networking concepts.”


Jason Nash holds over 15 years of experience in IT, currently the Data Center Solutions Principal at Varrow. Having published several books on networking, Windows and Linux, and earned the titles of VCDX and vExpert, Jason is one of the leading authorities on virtualization and networking technologies.


This vSphere Advanced Networking Training course contains 11 lessons in over 8 hours of video instruction. Students will receive 1 DVD of video lessons and 1 DVD of additional content. Each lesson is available in several formats, iPod Video, Mp3 Audio, .WMV and high quality AVI, allowing students to use course materials on a variety of devices. Students can view all materials online after purchasing the course, ensuring instant access.


vSphere Networking Training is available for just $397. TrainSignal backs each and every course with their exclusive 90-day Total Experience Guarantee. All courses are shipped worldwide at no charge.


Use 7zip for unrar if you get “Max 260 character” error


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Here you go guys (Torrent):

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