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Jumbo Frame on all interfaces?

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Hello community,

I have a cisco 3750X Switch and a 2960 switch.


Now we have purchased a SAN and the recommentation is to set the interface to a Jumbo Frame size of 9000.


I have read and found out, that i can set the interfaces of the switch to support 9000 MTU size. The problem is that I can only set all interfaces to this jumbo size, but I only want one interface with this jumbo size.

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So how can i establish a interface configured with a jumbo frame mtu of 9000, without affecting the other interfaces? Because i think when i set this jumbo frame mtu all my connected switches will drop the pakets, and in the result I will have only a Jumbo configured switch, without any connections to the other switches X)


Can anybody explain me, what I should do?

I am very confused.


Thank you

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I have the same problem and did a lots of study on it, Finally I think you can make a vlan (For Example VLAN 20 , Name IP-Storage) and then put your SAN Storage Connected Interface on VLAN 20, After that, change the MTU SIZE ON VLAN 20, simply go to Configuration mode and then type:

vlan 20

mtu 9000


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