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CISSP: Passed

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Well, after much deliberation, I wrote the exam today and passed. The exam is pretty difficult, if you don't have the experience. Not everything is answerable if you have read only the books. Well, it's the endorsement now.

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Congrats bleed!!


Can you share the study and preparation for the exam? How long have you been study and working with security, Which domain was the most dificult in the exam?


Again, contrats.

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I would like to inform the community that I have passed the CISSP test today. Furthermore, I would like to thank everyone here, who helped me get through this ordeal. Like everyone else, I would be sharing my experience here. So, here goes.


Who Am I?

  • Information Systems Professional having more than 10 years of experience in IT, Datacenter Design & Cloud Computing.
  • Lately been working on InfoSec, compliance and Audit after getting my CISA.
  • Most of my experience comes from consulting, where I have worked in the capacity of middle management.

What I did?

  • I started working towards my CISSP, when "AIO Guide to CISSP 4th Edition" came out.
  • I started off slow and couldn't keep up with the study, due to work and my masters in Information System.
  • Lingered on with the study, buying 5th and 6th editions of the book and importing the OIG 2nd.
  • Downloaded 50Gb's of InfoSec training's from company server and free sources. Never used anything.
  • Never studied seriously and ended up postponing the test 4 times in 4 years.
  • I got married in the meanwhile and had twins, which was a big "Oh ****' moment for me.

Material Used

  • I used the following resources for preparation:
    • CISSP AIO 6th (Left Telco, Cryptography and Software Development)
    • Eric Conrad 2nd (Read the remaining domains)
    • CISSP Exam Guide 6th by Sybex (Only for understanding concepts)

    [*]I used the following resources to practice:

    • CCCure.org (Very technical and in no way, close to the real thing)
    • McGrawHill Practice Questions (Somewhat similar to the official thing)

Test Day

  • Couldn't sleep well through the night, because of the damn anxiety. I couldn't study either, because I was tired.
  • Woke up an hour ahead of the schedule.
  • Car refused to start, with only 40 minutes remaining on the clock. (I found out today, I could have been a mechanic)
  • Reached the testing center, with 20 minutes on the clock.
  • Went to give in my stuff and get enrolled.
  • Started off with the test and felt quite confident since, the first 50 questions were not a shocker for me.
  • I had an hour to spare after the exam, which I used to stretch and get back home.


  • It's a mile wide test and INCH deep. Quit digging into it while you study.
  • Experience is a must, if you want to grip the test. I felt I got 60% of my answers through experience.
  • When you start off with a book, finish the bloody thing. Don't just go after every other resource you see on the internet.
  • Get the concepts like:
    • If a car is painted grey, why is it so?. Why couldn't it be painted red?. Weigh in the pro's and con's of both and decide on the questions.

    [*]Most of the lengthy questions I got were very poorly written, which I conveniently pointed out via the comment tool.

    [*]Scenario based questions contain too much fluff and you have to extract the data when you need to answer the question. For example:

    • You are a security officer in a large scale organization. You have been specifically hired to review the security posture of the organization and provide insight on how the company can mitigate the risks faced by it. What is the primary goal of BIA?
    • You can see in the example above, the only relevant portion of the question has been highlighted. The rest is, irrelevant.

    [*]I got 4-5 drag and drop questions overall. No HotSpot questions. All of which were answered via concepts.

Well, that's all for now. I am very exhausted after having thinking about and preparing for the CISSP, for 3 years. I love the feeling to know that it's over. I just need to get myself endorsed now. Once again, thanks everyone for the valuable support that pushed me into taking the exam. Finally!



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Hi Bleed, I can't believe I am just seeing this now! Many congratulations and well done! I am very happy for you. That car drama on the exam day was something else. I avoided this - took a cab! :lol:

Let me know how your endorsement goes.

Congrats again.


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