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Hi Everyone, I passed CCNA 200-120 25th October 2014

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Hi all Passed CCNA 200-120 last Saturday. 945/1000

51 Questions


Used this:

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Please practice subnetting in your head and practice as much as possible in summarizing routes

Please practice as much on Standard ACL and extended ACL implementations in order to allow and deny certain services/applications/tcp/udp ports and fully understand where to put the ACL and what direction.


My tip is use Jeremy's concept of you being the router and extend both of your arms sideways, left arm would be your source and your right arm would be your destination.

-then identify the source or the IP address that will first access the service and

-then identify where is the destination IP.


If your ACL will afftect all subnets, you need to configure your ACL near the destination outbound (because it goes inside your body from your left going to your right)

If you need to filter immediately that particular subnet as the source and not affect other subnets , you need to configure your ACL near your source inbound (since the traffic will only enter your left arm).


Practice with DHCP (making your router as a DHCP server) and use the VPCS as your hosts, or make another router behave as a workstation.

config t

no ip routing


ip default-gateway [ip address of the gateway].


Practice and understand how the STP election is being done, practices VRRP or GLBP. You can do all of these stuffs inside GNS3, the questions might not be all hands on or LAB or SIM but the questions will gauge your understanding on how you read and interpret the messages that is being displayed by a router or a switch if you issue a particular command.


Please download packet tracer if you can or Boson simulator if you need to practice within the curriculum but my best bet is to practice on the GNS3 Workbench provided by RedNectar. If you have questions or issues with the installation, just post a message and he will reply.



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Hi guys, any news about exam CCNA ? I mean, are there dums or material suggested to prepare that exam ??

Please I need it so much.


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