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vSRX 12.1X47-D20.7

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Is that the fully licensed release, or just the trial version we can get the 30 day license for?

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Hi guys,

Please i need to know how can i use this junos image file for labing (with GNS3)




Normally, what I've done is extract the .ova to get at the .vmdk file. Then I use "qemu-img convert -O qcow2 <file_name>.vmdk <file_name>.img" to get a usable Qemu qcow2 image. Then, in GNS3 click Edit-> Preferences -> Qemu VMs, and assign it at least 2048MB RAM, and add -nographic -smp 2 to the additional options line in Advanced Settings. (vSRX requires at least 2 vCPUs) There's a trial license you can get from Junipers site. There might even be a native Qemu image available for download. I don't remember.


I mainly use Mint 17.2 with Qemu 2.4.0, so I can also add -enable-kvm to the same additional options line for a speed boost. (KVM is part of the Linux Kernel, so you can't use it with Windows or OSX, unless you're running GNS3 inside a VMware VM)


I have no idea if this procedure will work with an ESXi .ova. You might also be able to extract the vmdk, and try it out with Virtualbox 5, and add it as a Vbox VM in GNS3 (Vbox 5 is currently broken with Windows 10, though).

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logical systems are not supported

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