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Routehub:Cisco Spam and Virus Blocker Training

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Cisco Spam & Virus Blocker (CSVB) is a Email Content Security solution that provides Anti-Spam and Anti-Virus support for Emails delivery on a network. The Cisco SVB appliance is aimed for Small and SMB networks up to 250 users.


In this video package we will show you a full solution deployment using the Cisco Spam & Virus Blocker on a network to include the Internet Edge Router, DNS, and MS Exchange 2007 for the design, step-by-step configuration, installation, and how to the operate the environment.





Below are the topics in this training package [~141 minutes]:

  • Cisco ISR 871 Configuration (Internet Edge)
    • Basic Configuration (IP, Routing)
    • NAT Port Forwarding
    • Stateful Firewall using CBAC
    • VLAN configuration: Internal and Management networks

    [*]DNS Configuration

    • Creating ‘A’ Record
    • Creating ‘MX’ Record

    [*]MS Exchange 2007 Configuration

    • Active Directory Overview
    • Adding a new Domain to Exchange 2007
    • Understanding the Send & Receiver Connectors

    [*]Cisco Spam & Virus Blocker Configuration

    • Pre-Configuration
    • Initial Configuration using the System Setup Wizard
    • Changing the IP Address (the Management interface)
    • Blocker System Test with Exchange 2007
    • Testing: Inbound Email through Blocker
    • Testing: Inbound Spam Message through Blocker (to Drop)
    • Integrating Active Directory using LDAP
    • Setting up Spam Quarantine
    • Testing: Inbound Spam Message through Blocker (to Quarantine)
    • Testing: Virus in Email
    • Mail Policies using Content Filter
    • Setting up Outbound Email
    • Testing: Outbound Email through Blocker
    • Placing a Disclaimer to all outbound emails
    • Shutdown and Restart Blocker
    • Backup Configuration
    • Factory Default/Reset

    [*]Equipment involved:

    • Cisco Spam & Virus Blocker (50 User Support)
    • Cisco ISR 871W
    • MS Windows 2003 64-bit Server with Exchange 2007
    • External DNS


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