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DMVPN with OpenNHRP (Linux)

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Hi all,


I've built DMVPN with OpenNHRP using LinuxBox (CentOS). It's free and work compatible with Cisco IOS Devices and other LinuxBox running OpenNHRP.

In my lab, i'm using 3 VM running CentOS 6.4

  1. HUB: CentOS 6.4 (x86_64) + OpenNHRP + IPSEC-TOOLS
  2. SPOKE1: CentOS 6.4 (x86_64) + OpenNHRP + IPSEC-TOOLS
  3. SPOKE2: CentOS 6.4 (x86_64) + OpenNHRP + IPSEC-TOOLS

All steps are following:

  1. Setup LinuxBox (CentOS)
  2. Compile Kernel with ARPD Enable (if not, the tunnel GRE will shutdown after 30-45 seconds)
  3. Compile OpenNHRP for HUB and SPOKE
  4. Configure OpenNHRP (without IPSec)
    • Test Ping Spoke to Hub
    • Test Ping Spoke to Spoke (without through HUB)
    • Test ping from Spoke's loopback to Hub 's loopback
    • Test ping from Spoke's loopback to Spoke's loopback

[*]Compile and Configure IPSEC-TOOLS for encrypt --> not test

P/S: open text file with Notepadd++ or SublimeText for easy reading

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wow , great . didn't know dmvpn works on any device except cisco !!!!

DMVPN is not a protocol of Cisco. It's composite of: GRE, NHRP and IPSec (optional).

And the same goal of this 4rum, all free with OpenNHRP (Linux) :D.

You could compile linux box (multi-NIC cards) to run as a real Router with other Protocols: OSPF, BGP, DMVPN

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I have been trying to develop an opennhrp test network, with 1 linux hub and 2 linux spoke, having Ubuntu 14.04, kernel4.4.0-31.-generic

Each spoke is successfully dynamically registered to linux hub. Both spokes ping Hub,but between spoke1 and spoke2 no ping. It would be really appreciated, If you could help me to get the any solutions to above problems and get them working

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