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VMWare Partner Exchange End User Computing

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VMWare Partner Exchange End User Computing


EUC3064 Horizon View Troubleshooting: Looking under the Hood

EUC3147 What's New Horizon View 5.3 - Technical

EUC2983 Accelerate your sales with Horizon Mirage

EUC2984 Horizon Mirage 101 - Technical

EUC3030 Are you prepared for DaaS/EUC Virtualization?

EUC3031 Cloudy with a chance of DaaS

EUC3067 Successfully Build and Grow Your Business with VMware: Making Money with End User Computing

EUC3072 VMware EUC Solutions for the Education Market

EUC3120 VMware Horizon Mirage: Where to compete and where to extend functionality

EUC3162 Delivering Awesome Demos with VMware Horizon Mirage!

EUC3167 Beyond Marketing, everything you need to know about VMware vCenter Operations for View!

EUC3173 Delivering successful PoCs with Horizon Mirage!

EUC3195 PCoIP: Dynamic Tuning and Contextually Aware Profile Application

EUC3201 Selling EUC Solutions in Financial Services industry

EUC3203 EUC Solutions for Federal / National Governments

EUC3215 Lessons from the field: Common VMware View Pitfalls

EUC3228 Stay Between the Guardrails and out of the Ditch: Designing and Deploying Mirage Successfully

EUC3229 Mirage 201

EUC3234 EUC Experts Panel – Successful Implementations

EUC3241 Plan the Work, Work The Plan - Successfully Delivering an EUC Engagement with Horizon Suite

EUC3283 See why Desktone by VMware is the Industry’s Leading Platform for Successfully Delivering Multi-Tenant Desktops as a Service (DaaS)

EUC3341 Battleground DaaS : A comparative look at today's offerings

EUC3635 Software-Defined Virtual Desktop Performance

EUC3765 Selling More Against the Competition: VMware Horizon View with F5


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