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Starting collaboration study. Need Advice

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Hi all,


I am just starting my CCIE Collaboration studies and need some advice from all experts here.I donot have any experience in cisco voice or video. But I do have good knowledge of R/S, Security and Data Center. So please guide me how should I start?


Any reading material/ videos hint will be highly appreciated. Should I first study voice and then move to collaboration?



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Start = Review blue prints from cisco site to get scope.


1.0 Cisco Collaboration Infrastructure 10%

2.0 Telephony Standards and Protocols 15%

3.0 Cisco Unified Communications Manager (CUCM) 25%

4.0 Cisco IOS UC Applications and Features 20%

5.0 Quality of Service and Security in Cisco Collaboration Solutions 12%

6.0 Cisco Unity Connection 8%

7.0 Cisco Unified Contact Center Express 4%

8.0 Cisco Unified IM and Presence 6%


check out The Sip School (google them) for deep dive into sip training generally


For CCIE written read-CCIE Collaboration Quick Reference


You would definitely need phones of your own to practice - (either build your own rack or connect remotely to training vendor racks but you need phones)


Training video important try get from two training vendors if possible.

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I'd recommend starting with a foundation of CCNA Collab then CCNP Collab. The CCNA level material will give you a basic premise and the CCNP Collab materials and exams will fill in a lot of the gaps. Without experience the CCIE Collab is a pretty big challenge. If you've studied for a CCIE in the past or have one then you will have an idea of what to expect. Then it will come down to how well you can absorb the material. Lab access either remote or home/work lab will be essential to pass the lab portion of the CCIE Collab. Just my 2cents.

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Hi Mashed,


Can you provide more details about online videos to start with CCIE collaboration studies please ?


Even i dont have any experience in Cisco voice but would like to get some knowledge on collaboration.



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