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First of all, thanks for the valuable doc already shared!

Could you share also JNCIE-ENT-Bootcamp ?

Thanks in advance.

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This is not working..


Yeah, that site was getting slower and slower as the week went on, so I guess it finally went tits up today. After getting most of the files of an HP COMWARE 7 Sim off that site, I kept getting disconnected when downloading the last two of that (one was an 8.4GB .iso, and I think the other was 1,5GB). When I tried to get it from HPE themselves, I got the hilarious message that I needed to free up 99 PETABYTES of space on my HDD. Since that wasn't a typo (I really regret not taking a screenshot of it), I stopped the download, nuked the file, and went back to that site Arasu linked to, in order to get them. It never did happen.


But was makes that dumb story of mine relevant, was that I had already checked out every single bit of the Juniper Guides section of that site, and there was nothing in there that can't isn't already on here. In fact, you'll find more here, than over there, which is when I got curious about that "go back to back directory" button, and started downloading his HP simulator in the first place.

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Sometimes that site is down. I do not why.


Either they have a really bad internet connection, their server has problems (like failing hardware/software), or maybe too many people keep trying to use it simultaneously. *shrug*

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