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Bacula 1: the open source backup software

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Bacula 1: the open source backup software

Duration: 8 Hours


Genre: eLearning

Language: English


Learn how to build a 100% free open source reliable backup system with Bacula Community Software


The course presents the theory and practice of backups, covering installation, recovery, backup specific tools, disaster recovery and many other important aspects of safe and reliable backups. Real situations recording and retrieval data will be simulated.


The course is very practical: 10% theory / 90% hands-on, and all the commands are availale on the training documentation.


Some topics:


* Types, myths, topologies and backup strategies (GFS).


* Bacula Key Features and Architeture


* Bacula Server Installation and Configuration on Linux


* Installing and Configuring the Bacula Client (Linux and Windows)


* Data Compression


* Configuration and Operation of: disk storages, magnetic tape drives and autochangers


* Bacula Commands


* Full and partial data restoration


* Graphical Interfaces


* Bacula Server disasters recovery


* Run and After Backup scripts


* Specific applications backup: virtual machines, databases, mail servers etc.


* Copying and Migration Volumes


* Deduplication File


* Exercises


Everyone who works with backup or need corporate data protection should do this training in order to know more about the inner workings of this wonderful open source backup tool. It's also great for IT university students and teachers, since it allows it's code studying and modification.









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