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CBT Nuggets - Cisco Virtual Internet Routing Lab (VIRL) 1.x

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Cisco Virtual Internet Routing Lab (VIRL) 1.x




Cisco VIRL (Virtual Internet Routing Lab) is the personal edition of Cisco Modeling Labs. VIRL is designed to provide students and network engineers with a platform to emulate various Cisco operating systems including IOS, IOS XR, and NX-OS in an easy-to-use GUI.


Cisco VIRL is making a huge buzz in the industry. In this course, learn critical features of VIRL and how to use the product. Whether you are evaluating VIRL for your studies or network analysis, or you already have the product and want to ensure you can utilize it, this course will provide what you need to effectively use Cisco VIRL.


1. Course Introduction (1 min)

In this Nugget, we discuss exactly what this course covers and why it's right for you!

2. A Quick Look at VIRL In Action (5 min)

Watch how cool VIRL is in action. Anthony demonstrates how VIRL launches and how it works! This is perfect if you have never seen VIRL in use.

3. Simulation Versus Emulation (7 min)

We discuss the differences between simulators and emulators for lab practice.

4. Versions of VIRL (7 min)

We discuss the many different versions of VIRL and the details of each one.

5. VIRL Hardware Requirments (6 min)

Get ready for many CPU cores and a bunch of RAM, folks! We examine the VIRL hardware requirements.

6. VIRL Software Requirements (5 min)

We examine the many software options for running VIRL. We even look at options that require no additional software!

7. Installing VIRL on Fusion Pro (9 min)

Get ready. Get set. Here we go with the VIRL install!

8. Installing VM Maestro and Testing VIRL (7 min)

It is time to install the GUI and fire up VIRL!

9. Keeping VIRL Up to Date (5 min)

Watch how easy it is to keep your VIRL installation up to date with the latest features and images.

10. VIRL on Packet.net (7 min)

Anthony demonstrates the use of VIRL with Packet.net so that you can run big emulations in the cloud.

11. Building Infrastructure Only Topologies (9 min)

Learn how to create topologies in VIRL that will permit you to practice all the configurations required on Cisco devices.

12. Using AutoNetkit (9 min)

The AutoNetkit feature allows you to have VIRL create powerful topology configurations for you automatically. In this Nugget, you learn to harness this great power.

13. Using Visualizations (4 min)

Learn to have VIRL draw informative views of your simulation, even after you make changes!

14. Capturing Packets (5 min)

This Nugget walks you through capturing packets for analysis in Wireshark.

15. Latency and Packet Loss (2 min)

We walk through controlling latency and packet loss in VIRL simulations.

16. Connecting to External Devices (8 min)

We demonstrate how to make connections to external devices in VIRL simulations.


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