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Advice needed for my PT lab

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Hi all,


I am having a tough time to figure out what's actually wrong in my PT lab.


1. I already assigned 3 DHCP pool in R0 for LAN10, LAN20 AND LAN30 and DHCP Relay in both the R1 and R2.

2. The IP routing protocol i used is Default routing protocol.


But now my question is:


why only LAN10 PCs can get IP from R0? LAN20 and LAN30 can't get it?


I've shared my PT lab file in this post for you guys to figure out. Hope can help.


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For, LAN20 There is an issue with default route. Also it looks bug in PT. try your topology with either GNS/IOU or VIRL and see how it goes. LAN30 config looks good but I have same issue. Once you have answer, please share!

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