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Application Centric Infrastructure ACI LiveLessons

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Video Description


Rough Cuts / Sneak Peek:


The Rough Cuts/Sneak Peek program provides early access to Pearson video products and is exclusively available to Safari subscribers. Content for titles in this program is made available throughout the development cycle, so products may not be complete, edited, or finalized, including video post-production editing.




Application Centric Infrastructure ACI LiveLessons: Introduction (08:05 mins)


Lesson 1: Introduction to ACI


1.0 Learning objectives (01:10 mins)



1.1 Understanding Today’s Data Center (03:08 mins)


1.2 Understanding the Role of Orchestration (08:15 mins)


1.3 Examining ACI (11:35 mins)


1.4 Evaluating ACI Fabric Hardware (04:19 mins)


1.5 Understanding APIC Installation Basics (02:48 mins)


1.6 Examining Initial Fabric Configuration / Fabric Bring Up (03:06 mins)


Lesson 2: Exploring the ACI Dashboard


2.0 Learning objectives (00:48 mins)


2.1 Exploring Fabric / Switch Health Scores (04:29 mins)


2.2 Investigating Physical Health Scores (03:43 mins)


2.3 Exploring the Topology Tab (03:31 mins)


Lesson 3: Exploring ACI Basic Mode


3.0 Learning objectives (01:18 mins)


3.1 Exploring Basic Mode (03:36 mins)


3.2 Performing Setup Steps with Basic Mode (05:32 mins)


3.3 Understanding ACI Policy and Objects (13:18 mins)


3.4 Exploring Network Centric Mode (06:15 mins)


3.5 Creating a Tenant and VLANS (14:23 mins)


3.6 Examining L2 and L3 Connections to the Fabric (03:05 mins)


3.7 Migrating Workloads into the Fabric (03:07 mins)


Lesson 4: Exploring ACI Advanced Mode


4.0 Learning objectives (01:25 mins)


4.1 Configuring ACI Initial Policies (08:03 mins)


4.2 Configuring ACI Pools (04:31 mins)


4.3 Configuring Domains (03:09 mins)


4.4 Configuring Attachable Access Entity Profiles (02:58 mins)


4.5 Configuring Interface Policies (02:19 mins)


4.6 Configuring Interface Policy Groups (03:48 mins)


4.7 Understanding and Configuring Interface Profiles (04:59 mins)


4.8 Configuring Switch Policy Profiles (02:48 mins)


4.9 Configuring Virtual Port Channels (03:37 mins)


4.11 Setting Up a Tenant (06:02 mins)


4.12 Setting Up Contexts and Bridge Domains Using the GUI (04:47 mins)


4.13 Setting Up an Application Profile (05:05 mins)


4.14 Exploring Contracts and Filters (02:40 mins)


Lesson 5: Integration of Virtualization Technologies with ACI


5.0 Learning objectives (01:00 mins)


5.1 Understanding Virtualization Vendors and ACI Integration (06:32 mins)


5.2 Setting Up VMM Domain, vCenter Integration Using the GUI (03:48 mins)


5.3 Exploring the Application Virtualization System (06:27 mins)


5.4 Comparing AVS VLAN Mode vs VXLAN (04:42 mins)


Lesson 6: Configuring External Fabric Connectivity


6.0 Learning objectives (01:46 mins)


6.1 Evaluating Network Services (01:43 mins)


6.2 Interpreting L2 / L3 Design Considerations (04:48 mins)


6.3 Examining Layer 2 External Options (02:57 mins)


6.4 Examining Layer 3 External Options (05:28 mins)


6.5 Considering Route Reflector Recommendations (01:39 mins)


6.6 Setting Up L2 External Using the GUI (05:30 mins)


6.7 Setting Up L3 External Using the GUI (04:09 mins)


6.8 Configuring Routing Protocols on Layer 3 External Connections (05:18 mins)


6.9 Examining Multicast (02:13 mins)




Get it fast, only for 7 days availability.


please re-upload

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Credit goes to original uploader, thanks Nehra2u.

Get it fast. The link is available temporary.

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Credit goes to original uploader, thanks Nehra2u.

Get it fast. The link is available temporary.



many thanks downloading .......

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In the Introduction they list 12 lessons, there are only 6 lessons in the download.

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