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VCE to PDF converter

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Step 1 Open VCE file you want to convert in Visual CertExam design mode. VCE are proprietary files, and legally, the only way to view and edit VCE files is through the Visual CertExam software.


Step 2 Click 'File', 'Export To' and save the file. It will be with rtf extension.


Step 3 Convert that filename.rtf to PDF using rtf to pdf convertor(Google 4 it).


Enjoy :)

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Download pdf995 driver & free converter (both are free) from www.pdf995.com.

Install the free converter first & then pdf995 driver.

This will install adobe printer on your computer.

open visual exam designer(when you install visual certexam manager you get designer also).

click on file tab & open the .vce file.

Page setup is very important(Exhibits & simulator tend to go beyond margin as default margin is 2")so set the paper & margin (keep left & right margin as low as possible if you large exhibits) in files tab.

Click on Print in file tabs.

Select 'pdf995' in the Printer Select box.

Make sure all the options like question,answer,explanation,simulator,exhibits etc are selected.

Click ok.

A new window will open asking you to save it.save it ony any location in your pc.

A new window will open.Click on 'continue to use sponsored version'( a ad will pop up on screen) & your pdf will be saved on your Pc.

That's it.

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