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Congrats v0rt3X....stunned to see you contributing to the forum and also stuyding/passing the exam....


Good Luck for your RHCA.


Cheers mate.

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Congratulations on your achievement bro! keep going! sometimes we cannot control the output, I had a similar situation during a vendor exam, an app crashed and I lost some minutes, I passed but I could have gotten a better score too, the important thing is the satisfaction on knowing that the experience and the training allow you to be a better pro :)

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Thank you guys for all the love and cheers :).




yeah, you can't really control the output. But I learned one thing, no matter how much expertise you have. It's a matter of the environment you are working in that might kick you in the head. I alos learned that the exam is not so hard once you know all the concepts. Fortunately, my trainer was hell of a good teacher. All of the questions were easy as pie. It's my bad & system fault that I scored 270 :).

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Hey Everyone,


I recently passed the RHCE (EX300) exam.


The results of your EX300 Exam

are reported below.

Exam Domain Number: 7

Passing score for the exam: 210

Your score: 270

Result: PASS

Congratulations -- you have earned the EX300



However, my target was to get 300. But unfortunately my machine had some problem with the ethernet2 interface

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. Otherwise everything's fine. One thing I learned is, even if you're expert in something. Sometime fate doesn't support you like you want it to. Network teaming was one of the most easiest question, and I couldn't complete that.


Anyway, I am really happy that I got the certificate. My goal is to achieve RHCA. Next step...... RH413 (Red Hat Server Hardening).




How many network interface (NICs) you had on each VM?

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At the end of the day its YES or NO did you pass or not so don't worry about. I Pass RHCSA with 300 from 300 yeaaa the feeling is good but at the end its not that the important.

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