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Thank you guys for all the love and cheers

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yeah, you can't really control the output. But I learned one thing, no matter how much expertise you have. It's a matter of the environment you are working in that might kick you in the head. I alos learned that the exam is not so hard once you know all the concepts. Fortunately, my trainer was hell of a good teacher. All of the questions were easy as pie. It's my bad & system fault that I scored 270

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Hey v0rt3x


Very good for you, congrats. May I ask about the http question. For the main http server on http://server1.doamin4.example.com did you created a separate virtual host config file or something else. Also in the https question it is given the CA cert, shoud we use the SSLCACertificateFile or SSLCertificateChainFile ?


Another question about SMB: How did you allowed the domain7.example.com domain ?

using hosts allow = 172.24.7. .domain7.example.com


hosts allow = 172.24.7.


Thanks in advance

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