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Cisco Voice Solutions for Small Business – ATA

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Video Details

ISBN 139781787288201

Thursday, August 31, 2017

Course Length2 hours and 56 minutes

Video Description

With the rise of start-ups and self-made business, Network Engineering for small businesses has seen an increase in demand, and businesses are always on the lookout for engineers who can configure networks that meet their needs and provide support once they’re set up. Cisco provides a number of options both in terms of hardware and software to address these networking needs at various levels.

In this video tutorial, we dive right into implementing Cisco Voice Solutions for your small business. You’ll learn to design your network and work with different network topologies. In the first section, you’ll explore the different hardware options over your network, and how they are brought together to create your basic connection. You’ll learn to install and work with modems, routers, and analog telephones. Next, you’ll dive into implementing Gateway and Trunk Connections with various hardware options provided by Cisco.

Moving on, you’ll learn to set up a fax system for your organization’s end points, and extend that with voice connections such as Google Voice. After that, you’ll dive into different topologies and learn to implement each of these depending on the requirement. You’ll see how to configure your network, practically manage your device’s IP addresses, and work with different Cisco dial plans. Finally, you’ll find out how to verify and validate calls made over your network, efficiently managing your network’s incoming and outgoing traffic.

By the end of this course, you will be well-versed with building, configuring, and maintaining an efficient voice network for your small business.

Style and Approach

This video tutorial features to-the-point, practical videos that teaches you how to implement Cisco’s various networking solutions for small-sized businesses.

Table of Contents

Getting Started – Playing with Small Office/Home Office (SOHO) Hardware

Gateway and Trunk Connections

Topology and Setup


What You Will Learn

Connect the analog telephone adaptor for connecting your Cisco phone to the network

Set up SIP connections by considering the right set of configuration options

Set up a support fax system for your small business

Build a small business network based on different topologies

Employ the best Cisco Dial Plan for your small business

Validate your calls over the network

Measure and ensure the quality of calls over your network


Joseph Sullivan

Joseph ‘Joe’ Sullivan is a Professor at Joliet Junior College.

Joe is a certified Cisco Netacad instructor and has received numerous awards from Cisco for “Instructor Excellence Expert,” which is awarded to the top instructors globally. He brings his experience into the classroom from his experience in the field as well as being an engineer with Motorola.

In his role as a System Architect Senior Engineer for Motorola, Joe designed authentication systems for KDDI in Japan, E911 Public Safety Access Point Number portability, and enhanced push-to-talk services. He is also the principal innovator of two applied patents in the Method and apparatus for packet discard selection and the management of paging resources associated with a push-to-talk communications.

Joe is currently studying Cloud Infrastructure and continues to work with Collaboration secure video and voice communication systems.

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