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Oracle Acquired Sun. What Happens To The Certification Program? Check The FAQ’s

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Will Oracle University support the Sun Certification Program?

Oracle plans to migrate and offer Sun certification offerings to Oracle certification offerings. Changes in the program will be communicated to candidates on the Sun and/or Oracle Certification Program Web pages. Please check these sites frequently if you have questions or concerns.


Will my Sun certification continue to be valid?

Any Sun certifications that you have earned will continue to be recognized by Oracle and remain valid for the version specified by your credential. Retirement or decommissioning of any certification track will be announced on the Oracle Certification Program Web page.


Will I be required to recertify as a result of Oracle’s acquisition of Sun?

Credential holders will not need to retake exams in order to keep their current Sun credentials. Future certification offerings may require candidates to take an exam if they wish to upgrade. All program requirements will be explained on the Oracle Certification Program Web page.


Can I still get Sun certified? What should I do?

Yes. Sun certification is still available. Follow the paths and instructions that are posted on the Oracle Certification Program Web page. Any updates or changes in requirements will be posted there.


Will the Sun certification tracks or requirements change?

Sun certification tracks will be modified to follow Oracle’s certification model: Associate, Professional, Master, and Expert. All changes to the Sun certification credential names, tracks, and requirements will be available on the Oracle Certification Program Web page.


What is the exam registration process?

Currently, Sun exams are administered at Authorized Prometric Testing Centers. Candidates who wish to take Sun exams should register for those exams under “Sun Microsystems” on Prometric’s Web site.


How can I learn more about Sun certification?

Visit the Oracle Certification Program Web page for information about the Sun Certification Program. This site includes information on available tracks, requirements, and training.


Will my credential be branded Oracle or Sun?

For now, the credential will remain a Sun certification. In the future, Sun certification credentials will be fulfilled through the Oracle Certification Program. Any branding changes will be posted on the Oracle Certification Web page.


Will Oracle continue to sell individual and bundled ePractices?

Yes. ePractice exams will be available for individual purchase and also available within Classroom Value Packages.


How do I obtain vouchers for Sun exams through Oracle University?

Candidates will no longer need to obtain an exam voucher prior to registering for Sun exams at Prometric. Simply go to prometric.com/sun and pay the exam fee with your credit card during the registration process. If you already have an exam voucher, this can still be used as payment at Prometric when you register.


Will Oracle continue to offer the Certification Re-take Promotion?

Certification re-takes will be exclusive to Certification Value Packages. At this time, there are no plans to offer re-take promotions or re-take vouchers on a stand-alone basis.


Whom do I contact for Sun certification customer service inquiries?

Contact [email protected] with Sun certification questions.

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Well it is already

Hidden Content

    Give reaction to this post to see the hidden content.


Still I have loved if Sun would have stand on its own, but you know all the corporate shizz ;)

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