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Python for Security Professionals

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This from cybrary.it so here's the magnet (torrent)




if there's no seeder, kindly add another public tracker, find it on google.


This is not working, please share a working link. Thank You.

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Trust me the content is not the same. The link you have provided is just a basic python; the one I am talking about talks and teaches about some security coding etc.

Here is the content that might be helpful what the real one I am looking for.


Module 1 - Intro and Setup

Introduction to the Python for Security Pros Course

Length: 04:19

How to Install Python

Length: 11:03

Introduction to Python

Length: 21:15

Module 2 - Apprentice Python

Basic Python Commands and Functions

Length: 29:47

Practical Applications in Python

Length: 18:22

Python Program Modularization

Length: 23:42

Python Number Comparisons

Length: 15:43

Shortening String Length in Python

Length: 03:08

Module 3 - Journeyman Python

Data Structures in Python

Length: 31:36

Networking in Python

Length: 27:49

Exceptions and Classes in Python

Length: 28:05

The Journeyman String Server

Length: 32:38

Receiving a Connection in a Python Server

Length: 46:07

Module 4 - Advanced Python

Ctypes in Python

Length: 31:32

Regular Expressions in Python

Length: 25:19


Length: 11:11

Advanced Activities in Python

Length: 39:47

A Project in Filling out Functions

Length: 57:03

Module 5 - Packet Analyzer

Packet Analyzer – Writing a Packet Sniffer in Python

Length: 26:52

Packet Analyzer (part 2) – Readability in Strings

Length: 29:01

Packet Analyzer (part 3) – Sequence in Acknowledgement Numbers in TCP

Length: 22:50

Module 6 - Info Gather

Info Gather (part 1) – An Activity in Post Exploitation Hacking

Length: 31:15

Info Gather (part 2) – Enumerating Keys

Length: 33:14

Info Gather (part 3) – Testing Your Python Scripts

Length: 15:3

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