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Thinking about adding some new kit to my home lab

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While I was looking at ebay for some Cisco kit (different topic), I stumbled across a few other things that looked interesting enough to add to my home lab (and pretty cheap, to boot!)


I've been contemplating adding another Cisco switch to my lab kit, and I found a 3750 for a good price that also has IOS 15.x installed on it. The problem is, it's the ipservices IOS image. Can this model take an adventerprisek9 IOS image, or should I just wait for an IOS-XE based 38xx switch to drop in price.


I also found several extreme networks summit X450 switches for insanely good prices that I'm planning on getting, especially since their virtual EXOS VM thinks it's a Summit switch, and has a limited subset of commands available (just like Arista's vEOS VM).


Speaking of Arista, I found a couple of 7048-T switches, but they're still going for $500+, which is still too much for those, even though I can actually use all the commands with a physical switch (long story short, vEOS carves out any commands that manipulate the commodity Broadcom ASICs found in the switches, so ACLs, port-sec, etc...VXLANs in non-HER mode don't work).


I want a Juniper MX5 router, but those are still insanely expensive. Since the EX-series switches and J-series routers have hit EOL and EOS, think those would be worth picking up cheap? I'm basically wanting to learn JunOS, and I've got the trials of vMX and vQFX-10K, but they have steep system requirements. If those old hardware are good enough, I'd be willing to pick them up.


I was also hoping for another Cisco router or two (preferably something that ran IOS-XR or XE), but the only cheap devices I found were a 2811 that was missing most of the WICs and NMs (and also required me to buy the DSP module and some Cisco Phones). The other was a Nexus switch labeled "ONLY FOR PARTS", so I guess I'm sticking with NX-OSv. NX-OSv 9K, CSR1000v, and XRv 9K, unless y'all can recommend something to look for that's not several hundred (or thousand) dollars, and would come with enough modules/interfaces to actually be useful.


I basically do wireless work all the time, but I'm trying to learn more about Data Center and Service Provider stuff on my own.

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if not worry much about physical kit, why not use EVE-NG and all available for labing.




I've had zero luck getting EVE-NG working. I'm leaning towards getting a better PC (or a server) to run ESXi, and use that to run various VMs simultaneously (like vMX, vQFX, XRV9000, NXOSv 9000, etc...) or just go nuts with a GNS3 topology.


A couple of things I'm wanting to work on will actually require physical hardware, though. I've found some good prices on eBay and certain resellers/liquidators.

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