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Offensive-Security (OSCP, OSWP, OSCE, OSEE, OSWE) 2017

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always wanted the last version of all.. guys do you really think they make a complete different version every year?? or they explain all the last vuln or last 0 days discovered used in the wild?? Since OSCP backtrack version and the last PWK released version there is nothing more that justify this race of the last version...


The force of OSCP course aren't the videos because you can find all for free but yeah that need a little work and nowadays there is too many lazy wannabe hackers...the force is the LAB... Look at the cybrary course like Advanced pentesting with georgia weidman and you have a free copy of the PWK offsec...


When i saw the PWK videos i was very disapointed by the noob level of the videos... like bind/reverse shell with netcat, seriously who dont know that?? and you have the exactly the same word by word on cybrary!!!

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