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INE - Certified Wireless Security Professional (CWSP) Technology Course

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Please share the below course if any one has in mega.


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Certified Wireless Security Professional (CWSP) Technology Course

Module 1 - WLAN Security Basics: This module discusses the need for Wi-Fi security and provides the background of decision and standards making bodies. It also discusses 802.11 in the Enterprise. Module 2 - Wifi Attack Vectors: This module discusses typical modes of attack on Wi-fi implementations. It also underlines the fact that different attack methods expose the vulnerability of the Wi-Fi network. Module 3 - 802.11 Security Design Considerations: This module describes the need for performing a risk assessment as well as establishing a security policy. It also discusses management and monitoring of the enterprise Wi-fi network. Module 4 - 802.11 Authentication: This module details the different 802.11 authentication methods used from password based to enterprise based. It provides details on the complexities of more stringent authentication methods.

Course Duration: 02hrs 43min

Steve Evans

Instructor: Steve Evans



WLAN Security Basics

Terminology 8min

802.11 and the OSI Model 3min

The need for Wi-Fi security 3min

802.11 Standards & Regulation Bodies 3min

802.11 in the Enterprise 6min

Total Duration: 25min

WLAN attack vectors

Physical Considerations 4min

Passive Eavesdropping 4min

Active Attacks 8min

Social Engineering 4min

Thwarting Attacks 4min

Total Duration: 25min

WLAN Security Design

Risk Assessment & Security Policy 7min

Mobile Device Management (MDM) 3min

Network Partitioning 5min

Total Duration: 16min

WLAN Authentication

Client Centric Authentication 4min

Enterprise Authentication 5min

PEAP 3min


EAP-TLS 3min

Total Duration: 20min

WLAN Encryption

WEP and its Weaknesses 2min

WPAv1 and its Weaknesses 3min

WPAv2/AES 9min

WPA2 and KRACK vulnerability 5min

Total Duration: 19min

WLAN Intrusion Detection and Prevention

Security Baselining 4min

Threat Identification and Classification 3min

Logging and Reporting 4min

Wireless Intrusion Detection Systems and Prevention 4min

Total Duration: 16min

Mobile Device Security

Terminology 6min

Mobility 3min

Voice Client Constraints 4min

Fast Transition 5min

Total Duration: 20min

WLAN Security Analysis in Practice

EAP-FAST Analysis (real-time) 5min

EAP-TLS Analysis (real time) 4min

Rogue Discovery (real time) 9min

Total Duration: 19min

End of Course

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