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CWDP - Question

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Need your assistance with the questions below:


1. You have connected an 8 port gigabit switch to four 802.11ac APs, each with 3x3:3 capabilities.

You expect as many as 3 3x3:3 clients to connect to any of the APs at any given time. You also

expect to have 5-7 2x2:2 clients and 5 or fewer single-stream clients connected to each AP at any

given time.

What minimum speed should the 8 port switch use for the uplink to the rest of the network to

ensure sufficient throughput for current expectations?


A. 1000 Mbps

B. 10 Gbps

C. 100 Mbps

D. 20 Gbps




2. It has been determined that the highest data rate available in 802.11n (HT PHY) devices must be

available. What modulation is required in this scenario?


A. 256 QAM



D. 64 QAM

E. 16 QAM


(I think it should be D)


Thank you.

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Hello, maxris

Did you pass 300-360 exam?

Could you please tell me from witch exam dump are this questiones above?

Many thanks

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